Apple Varieties

Why Are Apples Good You?

Apple Tree“An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away”- is such a true saying and one I had completely forgotten.

Nowadays access to fruit and vegetables is of an abundance irrelevant of seasons as we now fly from all over the world. Sometimes we forget that some better less expensive options are right on our doorstep.

As a child my mother used to always give us apples and those healthy first steps are now more important in children than ever before especially with diabetes on the increase.

So why are apples good for you?

The nutrients sit just underneath the skin and it is here you will find most of the natural goodness. An apple is an excellent source of pectin and dietary fibre which is also high in Vitamin A & C. The fibre in apples will fill you up with all its nutrients intact. Fibre is also crucial for slowing the absorption of the fruits sugars and keeping its glycemic index low.

Apples are a good source of essential minerals such as Potassium, Calcium, Iron and Phosphorus. Phytonutrients which are compounds high in anti-oxidants anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties also present.

The protection and goodness to your body in eating one apple a day is incredible, and I will certainly ensure that I go back to doing just that.

Health Benefits

Protection against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease

Helps people suffering with Asthma due to the Vitamin C and Anti-Oxidant Compounds.

Atherosclerosis can be helped by eating an apple due to its neutralization effects through its oxidation process in reducing plaque buildup.

Bone Protection from the potassium which helps prevent the loss of calcium in the blood which stops the loss of calcium in the bones.

Fibre is a natural laxative so can help with cases of constipation. Green Apple

Dental Care from eating an apple can clean the teeth and maintain healthy gums. The anti-septic effect keeps bacteria and viruses away.

Improves Muscle Performance due to one of the best sources of Malic Acid which prevents muscle stiffness, reduces lethargy and boosts energy levels.

Gall Bladder Stones can be softened from The Malic Acid found in apples.

Prevention of Lung Cancer – The high content of flavonoids quercetin and naringin combined with anti-oxidants effective compounds in preventing lung cancer.

Do You Get The Same Benefits From Apple Juice?

Please note that these benefits are not found in apple juice as a lot of the goodness is taken away due to the removal of skin and the pulp. Also, in an 8-ounce glass of juice you would use an average of 3 – 4 apples. It would be unusual for a person to be able to eat this number of apples as the fibre would satisfy your hunger. This also has an adverse effect on the sugar content which is elevated in apple juice. 120 calories of apple juice have the equivalent of 30grams of sugar whilst eating the fruit has 24grams.

Therefore, either juice your own so that you include the whole fruit (without the pips) or ensure that you purchase 100% natural juice, free from added sugar and additives and preferably cold pressed.

How Much Sugar Is Too Much?

Adults should consume no more than 30g of sugar per day or 7 teaspoons.

This is in relation to FREE Sugars which include things such as those added to Food & Drink, Fruit & Vegetable Juices, Smoothies and Purees, Cakes, Fizzy drinks, biscuits, deserts, tomato ketchup, bread, cereals.

Unfortunately, a lot of sugars are hidden in foods, so you need to look at the labeling for added sugars such as agave nectar, sweeteners, dextrose, honey corn syrup, sucrose, fructose, glucose, and molasses.

Example of FREE Sugars is A fizzy drink 330ml in size holds 35g of sugar / 9 teaspoons. Therefore, in 1 drink you have used MORE than your daily intake.

On the other hand, natural sugars which occur in whole fruits, vegetables are not harmful to our health e.g. Apples and not what we need to be worried about.

There is a total recommend Sugar Allowance that includes both Natural and FREE sugars for Adults which is 90g per day or 5% of your total daily allowance.

Too much FREE Sugars is bad and can lead to diabetes, tooth decay and obesity.

Can Too Many Apples Be Harmful?

Yes, too many apples or any other fruit can be bad for us due to the sugar content. 90g per day of combined sugar is fine.

The average apple would contain approximately 15g or 3 to 4 teaspoons of natural sugars. Remember the daily recommended allowance is 90g or 21 teaspoons. This would mean if you are eating more than 5 apples this would be more than your daily allowance taking into consideration the rest of the food you would eat or drink in a day.

However, I am not to sure about you but I feel full after 1 apple so it would be exceedingly difficult for me to eat 5.

The other part of the apple which I get asked about all the time is the pips and if they are harmful.Apple pips

Apple Pips – Contain Amygdalin which releases cyanide when it comes into contact with human digestive hormones.

A dose of 1-2mg/kg is a fatal oral dose for a person weighing 154 lbs or 70 kg. Most apple cores contain approximately 5 seeds. You would therefore need to finely chew and eat approximately 200 apple seeds or 40 apple cores to receive a lethal dose.

Therefore, you only need to worry if you are eating a lot of apple pips. Again, I generally always spit out the pips as they are not particular enjoyable to eat.

Apple Varieties

There are over 100 varieties of apples and nothing better than being apple to pick fresh from your own garden.

However, if you are not able to do that then I encourage you to buy local. You can enjoy such varieties as follows: –

Nonpareil – Brought over from France in the 1500’s

Winter Pomery – Rare cooking apple

The Harvey – dates to 1929 from East Anglia

Golden Pippin – used in cider makingBasket Of Apples

Winter Permain – came from Sussex and a good cooking apple

Cox’s Apple – popular type and quite tricky to grow

Golden Spire – Juicy and sweet from Lancashire

Brownlees Russet – Superb flavour from Hertfordshire

As I have mentioned this is just a selection of apples that you can try.


In my opinion lets get back to eating apples, the forbidden fruit. There are so many homegrown varieties to try all year around.

Overall, they provide us with so many health benefits and should be part of your daily 5 a day.

Support our own farmers and enjoy a healthier life is surely a great thing to do and they are delicious.

Please let me know how you get on especially how many varieties you have tried. Let me know in the comments below.

Bon Appletite!


  1. Margarette


    Thanks for all the great info.

    I didn’t realize that eating apples so many health benefits.  I suffer from inflammation and didn’t know that eating apples would help relieve that issue or constipation which is also an issue for me at times.

    I do love drinking apple juice and it’s too bad that the juice doesn’t offer as much benefits as eating an apple.  Would that include juicing?  Because I love juicing fruits and veggies and I use the entire fruit except for the core/seeds.

    As for sugar intake, I’m still having difficulties reigning in my intake though it is better than it used to be.  My goal is to give it up altogether. 

    Thanks again for all the great info.  I will be making sure to include more apples in my diet from now on, and thanks for the reminder that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      I really appreciate your comments Margarette and I hope you now have a better understanding of how apples can help and the affects of sugar.

      Unfortunately, juicing is not the same although home juicing is better as you can control the amount of sugar you put in. Remember 90g of sugar in total a day is really important to stick for better health.

      Enjoy those apples

  2. JJ

    Imelda, thank you for this information. I hardly find myself eating apples. In fact I don’t remember the last time I ate one. I don’t dislike it. I just am not in the habit of bringing home apples.This article has shown me that there are so many nutrients in this fruit and therefore many benefits. The one that stands out most is the fact that it helps with Parkinsons. My husband has been diagnosed and, along with his medication, we are always trying to find ways to ease the discomfort for him. I am definitely going to add apples to my grocery list.

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      A lovely comment thank you so much. I really hope this helps your husband find comfort with his Parkinsons. Thank you  so much for sharing

  3. Sydney

    Wow, so many facts I had no clue about in regards to apples! 
    I have always chosen apples as a fruit choice because they are so versatile and taste good! I love a good apple crisp in the winter time and sliced apples with peanut butter for snack.

    Some apple variations I typically choose is pink lady, golden delicious, red delicious I usually get when I make apple crisp. My favorite by far is the gala apple! Once in a while I will get green apples to make a dessert salad with cool whip, and snickers candy bars.

    I grew up in Michigan and one of my favorite fall activities was going 
    to the apple orchard. There was hayrack rides, homemade apple cider and donuts. So much fun!! 

    Thank you for your article and all the great information about apples!! 

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Thank you for your comments Sydney,

      Lovely to see that you are already a big apple fan. I never knew that about Michigan which is really interesting. I bet those apples are amazing.

      Thank you 

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