Reduce Weight Loss Stalls

Top Tips To Reduce A Weight Loss Stall

Reduce A Weight Loss StallSo many of my clients come to me at their wits end wondering why their weight has stalled, often feeling fed up and so low about themselves. Does this sound like you?

If so, I hope that my Top 10 Tips to reduce weight loss stall can help you to get back on track.

I know what it is like to do so many diets and feel totally deflated. Since working with a Paleo Keto Lifestyle I no longer feel these changes so much than I have found a diet that is sustainable and part of my every day life.

I now want to help you to do the same and hope that these helpful hints will give you an opportunity to understand what is happening to your body.

REMEMBER aim on a Paleo Keto Fasting Lifestyle is to ensure

FAT Adaptation


Control of FOOD

Sustained Weight Loss

Improved Fitness

Long Term Health

Sometimes you might feel that your weight is showing a plateau. Here are some facts to help you through these stages.

Has your weight truly stalled?

If you have NOT completed a minimum of 3 months on a diet then usually it is not considered a stall. 12 weeks creates a habit.

2 – 6 lbs is usually lost within the first 2 weeks

1 – 2 lbs per week should be expected thereafter

Body fat takes longer to lose and is different with everyone. The longer you stick with the diet the greater your success.

Try to avoid weighing every day and no more than once per week. Ensure you are weighing yourself the same day, time same place weekly, biweekly etc

Plateaus are common

The research has shown that most people for 1 year will steadily lose weight over 9 months and then stall in the last 3. This is known as “weight stability”. Continuing the low carb diet showed that the weight dropped off steadily in second year.

Sticking to the low carb diet is important but other factors do come into play such as

How much weight you need to lose?

How much muscle your frame carries.

Diet history

Bodyfat percentage

Insulin resistance

Hormonal changes

Track (NON-Scale) Victories

Weighing scales are not the only way to track your weight especially if they do not measure Muscle and Fat.

Think about other smaller victories such as

How Do Your Clothes Fit?

Are you less hungry?

Is your blood pressure lower?

Do you have more energy?

What is your weight circumference?

Do you have better skin?

Reduced hunger and cravings?

Less joint pain?

Less irritable bowels?

How The Body Loses Weight?

When you lose weight, you want to lose body fat not muscle and bone. Nobody wants to see weight lower on the scales but look weak and frail.

The best way to lose body fat and preserve muscle and bone is as follows:

Low Insulin

Insulin is the key to unlock your fat in your fat stores. Insulin must be low to enable you to burn fat for energy.

An Energy Deficit

To use your fat stores, you must burn more energy than you consume.

Carb containing foods raise blood sugar levels and insulin which keeps fat locked in its cells.

Nutrient dense low carb foods can help you feel satiated for hours, keep insulin low, give you all your essential nutrients, enable you to lower your food intake without hunger, and tap into your fat stores for energy.

Top 8 Tips – To Break A Weight Loss Plateau

1. Watch For Carb Creep

Keep an eye on those hidden carbs


Deli Meats



Packaged Goods

“Keto” Products

Also be careful eating these foods





High Carb Fruit

Berries if eating too many

Fruit Juice

2. Be Careful with Dairy or Nuts

Too much of these products can stall your progress especially if adding to coffee or snacking

3. Fix Your Snack Habit

Your low carb meals should allow you to goo 4 or 5 hours without food. If not then you need more protein or fat.

Snacking becomes a habit so try to change this and think about mineral intake especially when drinking water.

4. Avoid Paleo – Keto Desserts

It is OK to have on occasion, but you start up cravings so try to avoid altogether.

5. Intermittent Fasting

Try mixing up your Intermittent Fasting days and lengths to keep your body guessing and not allow for a slowdown of your metabolism.

6. Be careful with Alcohol

Whilst Dry Wines and Spirits are generally OK on a keto diet, they can stall progress as you can easily drink too much non nutritious calories. Alcohol gets metabolized first so can slow down the process of using your fat stores for energy.

7. Pay Attention To Stress & Sleep

Chronic stress and poor sleep can raise cortisol levels which in turn increase cravings and hunger and promotes stomach obesity.

Examine sleep and stress factors in your life and look to eliminate through

A good sleep routine

Avoid stimulants after noon

Introduce breathing practices such as Meditation or Yoga


Participate in hobbies

8. Exercise

Adding in exercise and walking can really help to burn more energy and improve health. High Intensity Interval Training are quick and effective workouts. Add in resistance training and body weight exercises to build muscle and increase metabolism. Time your exercise before your first meal of the day when insulin levels are low to really burn energy in those fat stores.

Alternatively view lots more of my exercises on my You Tube Channel


Weight loss stalls are a common occurrence, and we all lose weight differently. Hopefully, these tips can be used as a checklist to get you back on track.

If you are not on my Paleo Keto Fasting Club then please contact me to find out more than I would be more than happy to help you.

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Of course if you have any questions or comments then please leave below than I would be more than happy to help you.


  1. Geoff

    Thanks for the interesting and informative post.

    I have never read about low insulin before in relation to dieting.  I am not overly sure what you mean here.  Could you please explain this in a little more detail?  

    I would also like to know how to lower my insulin.  The word insulin is always attached to diabetes and therefore creates a bit of fear.  I assume that this is totally safe.

    I have lost 6 stone over the years, but can’t get the whole of it to leave my stomach and in many ways my stomach now looks worse.  Have you any advice?


    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Hello Geoff,

      Thank you so much for your comments and Well Done for the weight loss.

      Insulin is linked to diabetes and lots of coronary diseases mainly due to too much sugar in our blood which is really high with Western style diets. 

      Changing to a Low Carb Diet eg Paleo or Keto will significantly help this and the scientists have done so much research with how this can lower your insulin and also diabetes Type 2.

      Stomach issues it usually linked with diet and exercise which would normally both need to be addressed. Please let me know if you need any help.

      I also run a Paleo Keto Fasting Club via Facebook if you would want to know more information. Here is the link for you  Imelda’s Paleo Keto Fasting Club | Facebook 

      Thank you so much


  2. Jas

    I like the effect of the duplication you achieve with two of the same photos. I think it sends an even stronger message. At the right time, you write about this topic, with the arrival of spring it becomes increasingly popular. I’m sure your advice will wake many from the winter’s sleep! I wish you a lot of success in your work and maintain a slender line with healthy choices!

  3. Abel

    Weight loss plateaus seem to be a sign that we’re completely normal and have hit a point that everyone hits on their weight-loss journey. A plateau is a mark on the road, letting us know we’re heading in the right direction, and that we’ve made a lot of progress.

    Can a planned cheat day shock our body into breaking through the plateau?

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Hello Abel,

      Thank you so much for your comments which are really valid regarding those plateaus.

      In answer to your question a planned cheat day can be all your body needs for a reset and this can come in the form of many different things.



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