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Prevent Illnesses With Organic Food – True or False?

I have been eating Organic Food for a number of years now. I initially started when I was doing some research for my boyfriend who suffers with a poor gut and has an issue with sugars and antibiotics.

The research showed how much better TRUE organic food is as a lot of the food that is in our food chain is produced for the mass market hence injecting animals with unnecessary antibiotics and growth hormones to get them fat quicker. Even our crops have been tampered with and it is really quite shocking. However, beware as not all organic is not what it states especially with the cheaper versions.

Here are some of my findings that I wanted to share with you.

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Questions about Illness Prevention

I am going to tackle this topic head on as it is something that has been in debate for the last 50 years plus.

Is Organic Food Good For You?

Organic Food Is Expensive?

Is it really that nutritious?

Can Organic Food really help prevent illnesses?

Plus many more questions.


Since 2014 Newcastle University have been reviewing all published data on the composition differences between Organic and Conventional Crops as well as Meat & Milk. They have now published reviews that show conclusively that not only are there significant nutritional differences between organic and conventional foods but there are also positive associations between organic food and a reduced risk of certain diseases.


Organic crops are up to 60% higher in a number of key anti-oxidants than conventional grown crops. This is equivalent to eating between 1 – 2 extra portions of fruit and vegetables daily.

Nearly 50% lower toxic heavy metal cadmium was found in organic crops. Cadmium is found in the environment and humans are exposed through plant derived food. The need to reduce our exposure is desperate as there are links between a number of health problems and carcinogen.

Nitrogen levels were found to be lower than in conventional crops. The debate continues between the association of nitrate intakes and an increased risk of some cancers.

Conventional fruit has 75% more pesticide traces than organic. The worrying 10% of pesticide residue found on organic crops is related to the spray drift used for conventional crops.

Farms that only solely produce Organic Food/Meat is definitely more likely to be pure and free from pesticides and antibiotics.Gut Health

Dairy And Meat Products

I do not drink milk nor do I eat any form of diary which is a different topic for another day which I will share with you. However, here are some facts for you with regard to dairy and meat production.

Organic Milk contains substantially more Omega 3 Fatty Acids. These include nearly 60% more nutritionally desirable long chain Omega fatty acids such as EPS, DPA & DHA.

Significantly higher levels of polyunsaturated fat, CLA, Vitamin E and Iron were also found in organic milk.

Omega 3’s are linked with reduction in Cardio Vascular Disease, Improved Neurological Development and better Immune Function.


The soil association states that organic animals have to eat a more natural grass based diet containing high levels of clover. Clover is used in organic farming so that crops and grass grow. Research has found that clover increases omega 3 concentrations in meat and milk.

Organic Meat contains 47% more omega 3 fatty acids and lower concentrations of the undesirable saturated fatty acids. Saturated Fats raise the level of cholesterol in our blood. High levels of LDL cholesterol in the blood increase your risk of heart disease and stroke.

Analysis has also shown that there are higher traces of Iron and lower levels of copper present.

Therefore: Is The Organic Diet Healthier?

There is growing evidence that eating organically can help with disease prevention, childhood allergies, obesity, certain cancers and pre clampsia in pregnant women.

A comprehensive European study called Human Health Implications Of Organic Food and Organic Agriculture lists all the research in this area.

Interestingly, there has also been a huge decline of minerals in conventional food from 1930’s to 1980’s. Minerals are hugely important in our diet for Energy Efficiency, Fertility, Mental Stability and Immunity plus much more.

Calcium – Builds bones and strong teeth

Copper – Required for Red Blood Cells and Haemoglobin

Iron – Maintains corrective Tissue and Blood Vessels and may play a role in cancer prevention.

Magnesium – Helps our muscular and nervous system to function as well as the heart and circulatory system.Fresh & organic

Factors That Cause This?

Changes in Crop Varieties – Modern farming chooses products for higher yield over nutritional value. They also choose products that are not prone to damage on the Supermarket shelf.

An increase in use of chemical fertilisers, which depletes the symbiosis of the soil and root systems and can prevent mineral uptake.

Changes in our food systems as vegetables and fruit are transported from around the world and therefore need to be stored for longer.

The Soil Association have printed a trio of booklets, titled Organic versus Non Organic, Fruit & Veg, Dairy & Meat if you wish to find out more.

Have you ever thought how much food on the shelves in Supermarkets is actually unhealthy for you. In my opinion approximately 25% of what supermarkets sell only is fresh and good for you. That does not take into consideration what I think about organic food and you know how much is of that on the shelves!


This subject truly intrigues me and I know the difference that I feel when I eat organic. My boyfriend who is super sensitive with what he eats shows me the difference of organic as opposed to any other foods.

It does mean that our weekly shop whilst is healthy and fresh is definitely twice the price that it would be if we ate normal. However, I want my health and it is hugely important in my life. I believe that our bodies can helps us to prevent illnesses and disease providing we help it along the way.

We all have to make our own decisions and I just wanted to share mine with you on a subject that I feel strongly about.

Thank you


  1. Philebur

    Hello there! Thanks a lot for this article… I’ve heard that eating organically can help with disease prevention, childhood allergies, obesity and some certain cancers. I am super sensitive so when I start eating organically as you suggested, I should feel the difference. Its a wonderful article still and I’ll come back with reviews, thank you…

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Thank you for your comment,

      I really appreciate that you have found this useful. Eating is so important for our bodies to functional properly which not many people really realise so I am so pleased when i can help others.

      Thank you

  2. Techie

    Absolutely! Organic food can help us prevent illnesses. The chemicals and the ways our crops are being grown has drastically reduced the most important components that are necessary for our healthy living. I know organic food are expensive; they are definitely worth every penny spent because health is wealth. Nice to see your boyfriend is doing fine.

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Lovely comment thank you,

      The more we can advise people hopefully it will really help someone out there who might not really know. My boyfriend fights every day to stay healthy and organic food has been such a huge part to that.

      Greatly appreciate your comments.

  3. evans

    Tremendous article I must say…Organic foods may have higher nutritional value than conventional food, according to some research. The reason: In the absence of pesticides and fertilizers, plants boost their production of the phytochemicals (vitamins and antioxidants) that strengthen their resistance to bugs and weeds…
    Hope you get more organic food hence forth… Thanks for the awesome Review…

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Great comment,

      Thank you so much for letting me know that you have enjoyed reading my article. You mentioned so nicely about the phytochemical boost with organic food which allows them to have so much more vitamins and antioxidants than conventional foods. It is important that people know why organic foods are more expensive.

      Thank you so much

  4. Sheddy Ovb

    Heloo Dear, a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful post on the the article titled “prevent illnesses with organic food true or false”. Of a truth, organic food are so so rich and has so many benefits to humans health and general well being. It’s a true facts that it does prevent illness, my dad has been on organic foods for a while now which I must say has really been awesome, the results has always been great. 

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Thank you for your comments,

      It is so nice to hear from someone who understands completely first hand how Organic foods can help people with illnesses. I want to share that benefit as it is so important so thank you.

  5. Awinikistevie

    Hello there, This is an amazing article that you have got here. I love taking organic foods, they make me feel healthy strong and not needing medicationa. Since I start checking my diet, I have been more than just okay. It is my advice that we all take decisions necessary to improve our wellness. 

    Thanks for sharing this with me.

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Thank you 

      Your comments are so true we do need to take the choices right for us. I hope that I can help others to make the right choice for them.

      Thank you

  6. edahnewton1

    Hey nice article you have there. Your thoughts and findings are indeed invaluable. The impact of organic food to the wellbeing  of any individual cannot be overemphasize. A recent study clearly demonstrates the health and longevity benefits of eating organic produce over conventional produce, organic food contains less pesticides than it’s counterpart. 

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Thankyou for your comment,

      I am so pleased that you have had experience with the great benefits of organic food which is why I want to share with others, hence this article.

      The fact that Organic food has less pesticides is such a huge factor.

      Thank you

  7. Barbara Heusser

    Thank you so much for this article.  I am interested in the health niche myself and always want to be as informed as possible.  After reading your article I was made aware of the decrease in minerals and nutrients in non-organic foods as opposed to organic.  If I want to get the most nutrients, I should be eating organic.  And if eating organic can prevent illnesses, then that is all the more reason to eat organic.  

    I confess, I don’t buy much organic produce, and produce is a huge part of my diet. (I can’t eat grains, and limit my meat consumption.  I do buy free range eggs and grass fed meat.)  Now that I have read your article, I realize if I want the best, I should eat organic.  I think now after reading your article, I will take note of how I feel before I start and after I have been eating organic.  I have been cutting back on sugar as well and notice that I feel better.  

    Yes, it is more expensive.  And food prices have gone up during the COVID-19 lockdown.  But my health is worth it.  I am a person who is proactive about my health.  Eating organic fits right in with that.  So this article is very valuable to me.  I also have chronic pain, and wonder if eating organic would make a difference?  You say it has made a difference in your boyfriend’s health, and that is a powerful message.

    Thank you for writing about organic foods.


    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Thank you for your comments Barbara,

      I am so pleased if I can help you to improve your eating especially as you have mentioned that you want to do as much as you can to stay healthy and be healthier. 

      Yes, you can help with chronic pain through the food you eat and I am sure the fact that you have cut out sugar has also helped ease this. You have done so much to help your health which is so good to see and I hope others reading this might think of doing the same.

      I really want to help people come off antibiotics and stay out of hospital which I hope to do through my website. 

      Thank you so much Barbara.

  8. Paul

    My wife has been singing the praises of organic produce for quite a while. After reading your article I have to concur with her. Her reply, I am sure will be” I told you so” Definitely worth the slightly higher prices. I wish I could pass this article to all the fruit and meat producers here in Spain. People have to be educated in these matters and articles like yours are the only way to do so, as the major producers don’t want people to know the truth! In fact here many producers of organic fruit or wine etc, don’t advertise it as such because people won’t buy it.
    Fantastic article One that I shall share with all.
    Thank you, and best wishes to your partner!

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Hello Paul,

      Thank you so much for your comments and I am so pleased that your wife is really familiar with organic foods and the goodness in eating them. It is also a shame to hear about the Spanish who are not looking provide due to the cost. I think that the more people understand the benefits it stands to reason that the costs will be able to come down. Its always supply and demand unfortunately.

      Thank you so much.

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