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Imelda’s Paleo Keto Fasting Shopping Recommendations

Imelda's Shopping LIstThe one thing that I get asked on a regular basis is “what should I buy to eat on my Paleo Keto Lifestyle”.

I therefore thought that it might be a good idea to put this information together so that you can ensure you are eating the right nutritious foods.

Whilst Macro Nutrient percentages are a necessity it cannot take away the most important part of all which is to buy Simple Good Fresh Ingredients.

All our vitamins and nutrients come from eating a mixture of food, so it is wise to do this. Cooking fresh food does not need to be complicated as I know how difficult this can be with our busy lives.

One of my important tips is “Do Not Buy Any Processed Products”.

I have therefore compiled a brief shopping list to help plus some helpful products that you might wish to invest in.

Macro Nutrients


These are the backbone of the ketogenic diet, so it is important to choose the most beneficial and healthful. Oils need to be organic and cold pressed.

The best options for cooking are raw pasture fed or organic butter, organic ghee, avocado oil, coconut oil or coconut butter mentioned in the table below.

For salads, drinks, and dressings all the above and MCT, olive oil, walnut and flaxseed oils, which are not to be heated as heating will destroy their healthful properties.

For bullet proof and rocket fuel coffee use a variety of MCT oil, butter and coconut oil named above.



Coconut butter

Coconut oil

Flaxseed oil

Olive oil

Sesame seed oil

MCT oil

MCT powder

Walnut Oil

Good Fats

Nuts & Seeds

Nuts and seeds are an important source of omega’s, fibre, and protein. It is advisable to soak the nuts for a few hours or overnight to release the enzyme inhibitors for easier digestion. Keep them soaked in the fridge for no more than three days or freeze them. If a crunchier taste is preferred roast them in the oven, then store in an airtight container.

Nut butter is great to spread on paleo keto bread, cucumber, and celery as well as other vegetables, paleo keto cakes and in smoothies.

The best nuts on a keto diet are macadamias and pecans which provide a balanced range of omega oils. However, eating a variety of nuts also helps with having variety in the diet.

The least favourable nuts on an alkaline diet are Cashews being the most acidic of them all. They are in fact not a nut but a legume. Also, peanuts should be eaten in moderation as they contain a mould called aflatoxin which is not easy to destroy. Some people may be allergic to these nuts.


Almond butter (w/o salt)

Almond meal/flour

Brazil nuts

Cashew butter (w/o salt)

Coconut (shredded unsweetened)


Macadamia butter



Pine nuts


Pumpkin seeds (hulled)

Sesame seeds

Sunflower seeds (hulled)

Sunflower seed (butter)

Tahini (sesame paste)


Dairy Product Alternatives

Most dairy products are not recommended as part of the Paleo Ketogenic Diet for fat other than Organic Ghee Butter. The differences that ghee butter gives you as opposed to normal dairy butter are as follows:

1. Higher smoke point so does not burn when cooking.

2. Free from Milk Solids so it is stable at room temperature.

3. Digestible by people who are lactose intolerant because the sugar lactose and protein casein have been removed.

4. Suitable for people who want to avoid dairy products, however not suitable for vegans.

It is advisable to get most of your fat, where possible, from plant-based sources staying away from dairy is acidic and can cause skin rashes, inflammation and mucous should the body become overloaded with homogenised dairy.

Dairy products also contain growth hormones and pesticides which are known to be carcinogenic. Non-organic animals are fed on soy and sometimes gm crops which are often sprayed with high pesticides that then finds its way into our food chain and bloodstream, in turn affecting our health. But of course, it is down to personal choice; everyone is free to make their own choices.

If choosing yoghurt containing probiotics it is worth noting that most are pasteurised first and

have probiotics added later. However, these products may still have added benefits.

Although saturated fats are not bad for us it is worth noting that too much could result in high

cholesterol levels if not balanced with omega oils and plant-based foods. Even though this is a

high-fat diet we still need to be taking account of the calories, fat, carbohydrate, and protein.

As far as calcium is concerned there is plenty of calcium in almonds and green leafy vegetables,

chia and figs. Most foods seem to be calcium fortified and so it is important not to overload the

body with too much calcium and less of synergistic nutrients such as magnesium and vitamin D.


Meat, Chicken, and fish needs to come from clean sources. Organic pasture fed or free-range is advisable especially if local bought.

Certain Fish choices should be avoided such as Swordfish, Shark, Mackerel or Tuna. Choose to eat Anchovies, Sardines and Wild Alaskan Salmon.

Most sustainable and farmed fish are also not advisable as they are usually fed on soy GM foods and other waste foods.

Meat contains fat and protein but no carbohydrates here are some examples of protein content:

100 g of lamb loin 25 g.

100 g of beef steak 29 g

100 g of grilled chicken breast 32 g

100 g of roasted turkey 30 g

Low Carbohydrate Fruits And Vegetables

Raw vegetables – especially those grown above ground can be eaten in abundance. If you would like to eat something that is taking you over the allowable amount, then eat a smaller portion.

Alfalfa sprouts


Green Beans

Pak Choy


Cabbage, (green, red, savoy)



Chicory greens






Fennel, Bulb

Iceberg Lettuce

Mung Bean Sprouts


Olives, (Black, Green)




Spring Onion



Low Carb Fruit & Veg

Cooked Vegetables

When choosing vegetables, consider your carbohydrate allowance. Choosing above

ground rather than below ground is preferable. It is good to be aware that some cooked vegetables have increased levels of carbohydrates compared to their uncooked equivalent.




Bamboo shoots,

Green Beans

Pak choy


Brussels sprouts




Swiss Chard

Collard greens














This may be tricky for fruit lovers. The fruits that are allowed are mostly berries and restricted to a few of the fruits in one portion. It is advisable to accompany them with some Coconut Cream or Coconut Ice Cream (both homemade) to stabilise the sugar rush. Here in this list are included some low carbohydrate fruits to choose from.

Avocado (also good source of protein and fat





Gooseberries, raw





Other Vegan Options

Nut milks are gaining in popularity and if you are trying to decrease the dairy you are wanting to consume, they are the perfect choice. There are of course many kinds of milk to choose from such as almond, cashew, hazelnut, and coconut.

Natto and tempeh are fermented soybeans and full of protein as well as ‘good’ gut bacteria to help with digestion.

Shirataki or konjac noodles, originating in Japan, are a great option for pasta lovers with no net carbohydrates. They have a gelatinous texture and are a good source of the dietary fibre glucomannan. The noodles are 97 per cent water and 3 per cent indigestible fibre, making it a zero-calorie noodle. The fibre is a prebiotic, meaning that it is indigestible to humans. It provides no calories or nutrients to human cells but nourishes good bacteria in the digestive system. .

Almond milk, Unsweetened Organic

Coconut Milk, Unsweetened Organic

Hemp milk, Unsweetened Organic


Shirataki noodles



Vegan cheese (no casein)

Be careful when choosing Soy Products and only consume fermented soy such

as natto, tempeh, tamari.

Processed Soy is detrimental to health and hormonal balance, especially the amounts

consumed in the western world.


Soy is fermented as the fermentation process destroys toxins found in soybeans. The toxins are

supposed to ward off insects, so the crop survives in the soil until it is the season for growth.

The acceptable forms of soy are tempeh, miso and natto. Tofu in Asia comes from the pressed curds of the soybean with the toxins removed.


Soy should be avoided at all costs as these products are highly processed cause health problems. Toxins found include anti-nutrients that prevent your body from absorbing the

minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc that may make you more prone to

osteoporosis. Enzyme inhibitors that make it harder for the body to absorb protein. Also,

isoflavones that include phytoestrogens, a plant-based compound that mimics female hormones

and disrupts hormonal balance. Also, known to lower testosterone levels in men too.

Alcoholic Beverages

Life is about living and enjoying yourself so there will be times when you want to spend a night out with friends and have fun.

Whilst the ultimate goal is about looking after our health having a social life is important too.

Here are some alcoholic drinks you could choose but do remember Alcohol impairs your liver function. The idea is not to make it a big part of your life, but to allow yourself a drink on the rare occasion.

The Paleo Keto Diet is not just about weight loss but improving your

health, so with that in mind, the odd alcoholic drink will not ruin what you are doing, however binging will.

Beer (light)






Sherry (dry)


Wine (red)
Organic Coffee

Other Food Options

Supplements – Keto range of MCT oil powder and Bulletproof quality oils, good quality,

preferably organic, super greens or barley grass juice powder, moringa powder free from


Organic Bone Broth

Organic green tea or Matcha tea powder, which is 10 times richer in antioxidants than

green tea.

Organic coffee or organic decaf coffee.

Nuts – Macadamia nuts, Pecan nuts, Walnuts, Brazil nuts and Almonds.

Raw unpasteurised fermented foods such as Kim, Sauerkraut, and other fermented vegetables.

Seeds – Pumpkin, sunflower, chia seeds, linseeds, hemp, black sesame, psyllium husks.

Coconut oil, coconut butter, coconut milk, coconut cream

Olive oil

Apple cider vinegar

Cacao powder and cacao butter

Vanilla extract, Vanilla paste, or pods


Instant yeast and nutritional yeast

Stevia liquid



Almond flour, coconut flour and desiccated coconut

Almond nut butter or other nut butter without sugar

Tahini light

Other Useful Purchases

Urine strips or ketone monitor – To measure the number of ketones in your urine.

Breath analyser – To measure the number of ketones in your breath.

Weighing Scales – That measure, Bodyfat, Water and Muscle Percentages.

These products are not essential but are good measuring tools.


This is not an exhaustive list and remember that The Paleo Keto Fasting Lifestyle is not just about weight loss but is about a healthier life free from disease.

I run a Membership Club named Imelda’s Paleo Keto Fasting Club where I accompany you through a step-by-step process of good healthy eating and fasting for sustained weight loss and huge health benefits.

You can also join my weekly Health and Fitness tips where you will get lots of advice on healthy eating, beauty, and fitness options.

If you have any comments or questions then please let me know below.



  1. Aly

    Thanks for this article which helps to make it easier to shop for food that fits into a paleo keto lifestyle. The basic suggestion to not buy any processed products is very helpful. Also, thank you for sharing the list of alcoholic beverages that can be enjoyed — it’s very helpful to be able to celebrate milestones and achievements with a refreshing drink!

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Thank you Aly,

      Yes I believe that life is for living but in order to live a healthy long life we do need to look after ourselves. 

      The odd treats are permissable.

      Thank you for your comments


  2. Nina

    Thank you so much for this great article by Imelda’s Paleo Keto Fasting Shopping Recommendations. It is true, what foods are suitable and what to buy to eat on Paleo Keto Lifestyle? I see you really took your time and wrote an extensive list of everything that is permissible. That’s why this article is really valuable, and I’ll come back and list the foods I’ll buy before I go to the store.
    I wish you all the best

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Thank you so much Nina,

      I really appreciate your comments and I am so pleased that I was able to give you this advice.

      If you need any further help please let me know.


  3. Andy

    Thanks for sharing this. There is a lot to remember but after reading over the lists a couple of times I start to understand the paleo keto diet somewhat better and the principles behind it. It will also make it easy at the supermarket with these lists that I can have on my iPhone to refer to. I am also not a red meat eater. I do eat white meat occasionally and I eat dairies. My adult son came and stayed with us a couple of years ago and he follows a paleo keto diet and it was quite difficult as he was wanting to cook red meat all the time and consume it with vast quantities of green vegetables and salad. This was pretty much my introduction to this kind of diet and I have adopted some of the principles and practices since. Best regards, Andy

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Thank you Andy,

      I am so pleased that you have heard of this healthy way of eating. I can assure you that it is good not to eat red meat and I have so many clients who are also vegans on this diet too.

      Let me know if I can help any more


  4. Kelly

    Gheee butter suddenly caught my attention. “Higher smoke point so does not burn when cooking.” I am always setting off the fire alarm when cooking with butter, I am always burning the butter even on low heat. While the diet itself is something I seriously lack the self-discipline to stay on, the ghee butter sounds like something I need in my life. Almond milk is already in my life just because I find it so tasty. 

    I like the idea of this type of diet, it has all of my favourite things in it (fresh veggies, melas not made of processed food) but I can never stick to it because (flatly, and with a bit of shame) I’m too lazy. 

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Hello Kelly,

      Thank you so much for your comments and I completely understand that making long term changes for the better can be difficult. However, what I can assure you is that this particular lifestyle is so easy to maintain once you have done 6 weeks. It also means that if you have a holiday or a few bad days then you can just get back to it. Making small changes can also really help. My biggest tip is DO NOT buy processed food.

      Thank you so much


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