Imelda’s Paleo Keto Fasting Club

Imelda's Paleo Keto Fasting Club

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Paleo Keto Fasting Club

Is for anyone who is looking to create a healthy lifestyle and take back control of your eating habits.

Through my help and coaching expertise you will get amazing results

Lose Weight

Sustain Weight Loss

Increase Fitness Levels

Fight Disease

Live Life Longer and Healthier

This Club is perfect for anyone who has battled with their weight and no longer wants to be chained to food addiction and now feels that it is the right time to be set free and take control.

What You Will Get

My help and support through my Group on Facebook

12 Week support to create a habit for life and lose weight without hunger.

Monthly Challenges

Fitness Challenges

Meal Plans

Workout Plans

Insightful Videos

Paleo Keto & Weight Loss Programs

Weekly Newsletter of Tips & Advice

Mindset Strategies

Practical Guides where you take accountability

3 weekly live broadcasts

Daily Check In

Part of a Community of Like Minded People



Why Paleo Keto Diet Plans?The PK Diet

As you can imagine this diet is a combination of both the Paleo Diet and Ketogenic Diet.

The Palaeolithic Diet, pre – agricultural times there was no single diet. Local conditions dictated the type of food that was available for us which was often very seasonal. This way of eating has always taken the form of pure food evolved over 2.5 million years. Today this diet depicts a natural and unprocessed approach to our food without grains and dairy.

The Ketogenic Diet is one that results in the body’s energy deriving from ketone bodies in the blood thereby being in a state of ketosis. Instead of our body burning fuels from carbohydrates and sugar this diet is based around burning fat and fibre for our energy.

The PK Diet therefore is

High Fat

High Fibre

Low Carbohydrate

Low Allergen

Rich In Micronutrients

Low Chemical and Toxic Burden

Not Addictive

This is the starting point for preventing and treating diseases and generally looking after our bodies to be at the highest and top peak condition both physically and mentally.

This diet combination gives you the best of both worlds and best suits your bowels, body, and brains.

The aim as a total is to enjoy a better quality and quantity of life.

As we age – we change – we need a diet to keep us healthy.

The whole idea of this diet is to allow your body to get to a ketosis state which means completely burning fat and fibre for fuel.

Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting

Increase in Fat Burning Hormone – This means that we have a greater ability of controlling hunger and stops craving.

Decrease in Stress Hormone – Enables us to burn more belly fat.

Increased Brain Function – Allows us to gain better memory and concentration.

Boost in Metabolism and Energy

Reduced Risk in Diabetes and easing of symptoms

In men it increases testosterone.

Increased Insulin Sensitivity – Allows us to eat more and stay slim.

Decreased Inflammation – Enables our joints to heal better and feel better

Rapid Cleansing and Renewal – At a cellular level

Increased Growth Hormone – Helps Ageing Process

Exercise & Fasting

What Is Fasting?

Fasting is merely an amount of time in which we do not eat. The average person naturally used to fast for 12 hours Example 7pm Dinner until 7am Breakfast. This is where the word “break fast” came about as it was the first meal of the day after fasting.

Our body is usually either in a state of fasting or a state of feeding. Therefore, if we can extend the length of fasting, we are more likely to burn more energy. One of the more popular ways to fast is a “16 to 8”. Sixteen hours in which to fast and 8 hours for your eating window. Some people such as I, have chosen to do a 23/24 hour fast which is literally eating one meal per day. Obviously, you can extend these fasts to a 48-hour fast providing you are safe.

The main point of intermittent fasting is that you do not need to do this daily but 2 to 3 times per week as an average. I would recommend you start on 1 to 2 days at a shorter period and then build up depending on what suits you and your lifestyle as it needs to be something that fits in with you to be successful. My fasting is 5 days per week, and this suits my lifestyle. The most popular way to fast is to do this intermittently every other day and preferably a minimum of 18 hours fasting and a 6-hour eating window.

Good Exercise Plan

I share with you how to put an exercise plan together that is going to help you to lose weight and enjoy all the major health benefits.

Exercise is important to our general well-being and really helps us to move better.

Try to remember that this is a journey, and nothing happens overnight. Results occur providing that you have a good plan in place.

I am going to show and support you along the way.

Step 1 – Mindset

Step 2 – Goal Setting

Step 3 – 6 week Plan

Step 4 – 12 Week Plan

Step 5 – Mix It Up – Save boredom

Step 6 – Action – Start TODAY!

Why These Steps Are Important For You To Achieve Success?

How often have you decided to lose weight in your lifetime?

What has your success rate been?

Are you like many people where you start with great intentions and then after 14 days or sometimes more, we give up or go off the rails?

With my Exercise Workout Plan I want to show you how to lose weight and be healthy and fitter which will lead to a changed lifestyle combined with a good way of eating.

The key to this exercise plan is to ensure that you have long termed fitness, so we start slow. We start to build up gradually to allow our bodies to get used to the changes, so it becomes a habit.

Usually when people embark on a course of exercise by the end of 30 days half of everyone who started are back to square one. At the end of 90 days 79% of people will be back to where they started which is nowhere with no results!

The other big problem that people have is that everyone wants a quick fix. You start with good Intentions but then give up when you do not see quick results.

This is NOT a quick fix exercise plan but one where you have a journey of success to get your desired results.


Monthly Cost £35

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ConclusionPaleo Keto Club

Losing weight without hunger is one of the major highlights of this Paleo Keto way of eating.

My ultimate goal is to help you achieve your own personal success within a great club where you will be able to empower yourself to take action of your Food & Fitness habits daily in a fun way.

Making friendships, achieving results with like-minded people is the ultimate goal.

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