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RENPHO Blue Tooth Body Fat Scales – Ideal way to calculate body percentage fat

RENPHO Blue Tooth Body Fat Scales ES-280CR-EURenpho Body Fat Scales

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Company Supplier: Renpho

Weight: 1.29 Kilograms

Dimensions: 11″x11″x1″

My Rating: 9.5/10

RENPHO Blue Tooth Body Fat Scales


When it comes to health and fitness I believe that it is important to always find ways to measure success. If you use any of my fitness plans the first thing I ask you to think about is your Goals both long term and short term. The second thing I ask you to do is to plan a way of measuring your success as this keeps you focused and on track with what you wish to achieve. I often measure my muscle to fat ratios and I also keep an eye on my water percentage.

So here is a product that can help you to lose body fat percentage quickly because of the measurements and the fact that you can easily download the information to your phone via a Smartphone App. Also, compatible with Samsung health, Apple Health, Google Fit and Fitbit App.

Some of my favourite aspects of the RENPHO Blue Tooth Body Scales are as follows:

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Value For Money

The measurements that you get with this product measure up to 13 Key Body Compositions which include:

Body fat


Water Percentage13 Body Compositions

Skeletal Muscle

Fat Free Body Fat

Muscle Mass

Bone Mass


Basal Metabolism

Metabolic Age

Subcutaneous Fat

Visceral Fat

I have used various other Body Fat scales but the measurements you get are instant and very comprehensive like I have only seen in other more expensive models.

The Renpho Smart Scale is also made out of 6mm of tempered glass and very good quality plastics. Feels very strong when you stand on them. There are 4 precision sensors and four electrodes which makes for very speedy and accurate readings.

The Renpho bathroom weighing scale comes in black and has a very sleek and simple design so it is very easy to store or leave out if you have space.

Keeps You Motivated

This is the best part of these Renpho Body Fat Blue Tooth Weighing Scales that they keep you on track and motivated whether you want to lose weight, lose body fat, increase muscle, increase water and overall fitness.Goal Motivation

Motivation is usually the element that is so important when you have a goal, so these are perfect, especially for those of you who like technology. It is also simple enough to use for anyone who wants to find information quickly and easily. Even my mother can use!

The other great thing is that you can share this with friends which will keep you motivated even more especially if you are part of a challenge. I always find having a buddy to work with pays huge dividends as you have someone else to be accountable too.

I track my results weekly to keep me focused but it is usually my monthly goals I have set that I am most concerned about. Either way, the Renpho has the ability to track Daily, Weekly and Monthly with an overview. This means that it enables you to easily achieve your goals quickly.

With these measurements it enables you to set your plan to continue your achievement. I always set weekly plans based on my measurements for the week. I match them with my goals so that I am always on track. As I am a very competitive individual, I like to increase my challenge over a period just to give me extra motivation and slightly different goals, so that I never lose focus. I am exactly the same with my family, friends and clients.


First of all sync by using your SMART Phone App. This product syncs with Samsung Health, Apple Health, Fitbit, Google Fit and offers app for Apple Watch. Add in your personal information as required as this is important. If you and your family or friends are using you will need to do this for every individual.

Place the scales on a hard flat floor avoiding carpet as the results will be more accurate. Enable Bluetooth on your Smartphone. For Android 4.0 and above you need to turn on location.

Before you step on the scales make sure your feet are clean, dry and bare. When you step on the scales ensure you are standing on the four electrodes which is how the bio impedance analysis works to take your measurements.

Your results can then be found in the app that you are using and will give you probably more information than you will use, but it is worth experimenting and always interesting to find out what it all means. You will then see graphs which are easy to read and you can even download the data into an excel spreadsheet.

Conclusion RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Bathroom Scales

In my opinion this product is great value for money and has all the information that you would want at home to measure all your fitness requirements especially if your goal is to lose body fat percentage.

I love to measure my success and always think it is important with any goal we set. How great it therefore is when you do not even have to devise a way of doing this for yourself. Unfortunatly, as human beings we can be very lazy, so this is a no excuse measurement tool where you are winning by losing.

I recommend these scales to my family and friends to buy and I use them myself, mainly for the motivation and the accuracy that they come with. SMART Goals are important so these Renpho scales make your planning and measurement smarter and certainly takes the guess work out of what to do next. Achievement is the key to success and keeps you going and moving forward.RENPHO App Syncs

Example: If your goal is to drink more water. This product will tell you where you are at immediately and then you can plot and analyse how you are progressing. Changing your plans along the way as you get closer to your goal and then before you know it SUCCESS!

If you and your fitness are worth improving then this product is definitely worth it. Currently Amazon also have this on free delivery.

No excuses get started today!

Please leave me a review or comment on the RENPHO Bluetooth Bodyfat Bathroom Scales. If you have any questions please let me know.


  1. Darnell Yeldon

    RENPHO Blue Tooth Body Fat Scales seem like a great product to have! Being able to keep up with your health on your phone is good considering everything is, plus its more convenient for you when you are actually exercising you can just take out your phone which is the one thing you will have on you and go to RENPHO Blue Tooth Body Fat Scales app. I like how it motivates you to lose weight, lose body fat, but it also helps increase muscle, increase water and overall fitness.

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Thank you Darnell,

      I really appreciate your comments on the Renpho Bathroom Scales. I have had a number of them so it is really great that technology has moved on and the price has become more favourable. I really like everything about these scales.

      Pleased to help

  2. evans

    i must confess that this is an awesome piece of technology, measuring your actual performance against yur standard performance really goes a long way to motivating you to put more efforts in achieving your aim for performance,, when you have the sole aim of losing fat and you could see that you are making improvements will motivate you put more effort and here is a device that can help you achieve that and i hoe you go try it out..
    thanks for the review

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Greatly appreciate your comments,

      Pleased you feel as I do about how great this product is especially with motivation. Exercise and weight loss is so difficulty for most people so a product that can help is a huge bonus to motivation.

      Thank you

  3. Sheddy Ovb

    Helooo Dear, a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful post on how to  lose bidy fat percentage quickly. This is exactly what my girlfriend needs, she’s been on the quest if reducing bhee body fat. I am pretty sure this will be of help to her.

    I will definitely forward this to her as soon as possible, I believe she’ll appreciate it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Thank you Sheddy,

      Your girlfriend will love this. It is stylish with lots of technology to give the motivation to increase anyone’s fitness irrelevant of what their goals are.

      I love it I really hope she does too. If she has any questions get her to send them to me.

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