Lose Love Handles

Get Rid Of Love Handles Workout – 10 Minutes

Lose Those Love HandlesNo matter what time of the year there is always a need to flatten that core and strengthen up the abdominals. Not only will you be able to get rid of those unwanted love handles but your postural muscles will strengthen, and you will increase your metabolism as we work the heart and lungs too.

I have produced four 10-minute workouts to help you get rid of those love handles. I have providing various options for you, so technique is hugely important.

The workouts are all different so that you can target different areas of the abdominal s in different ways and you will see great results.

As these workouts are only 10 minutes in length you will be able to to every day and add to other exercise routines.

It is important that you seek medical advice before embarking on any new form of exercise.

So, grab you workout gear, get you timer and hit the music………….

10 Minute Core HiiT Workout

This workout is going to strengthen and sculpt you core muscles and is going to give you a cardio kick to increase the metabolism and burn calories.

2 Sets Of 11 Exercises

1 Minute Rest In Between Sets and 10 seconds rest between each exercise

All about speed and how many exercise repetitions you can do – Work to you maximum level

10 Minute Core Workout With Me  Press Play & Go

Warm Up – 1 Minute

Jumping Jacks – 15 Seconds

Start with you feet together and hands by you side. Jump the legs out wide and the arms out to the side with a lift to shoulder height bending at the elbows 90 degrees. Then jump you legs and arms back to the start.

Option to straddle step instead and remove the jumping (Out – Out – In- In)

Russian Twists – 30 SecondsRussian Twist

Sit on the floor with feet towards you butt and knees-up or you can raise you feet off the ground in a V position. Sit back slightly into you seat bones. Clasp you hands in front and in a side to side movement take you elbows to the floor by the side of you body.

Repeat Jumping Jacks – 15 Seconds

Reverse Curls – 30 Seconds

Lie on you back with knees lifted. Brace you core and place the palms of you hands on the floor. Engage you core and at the same time lift you knees and as you curl push up to raise you feet together up to the ceiling. Your legs should lift with the contraction within you lower abdominal s. Allow you legs to come down straight to the floor ensuring you back is flat controlling this move through the abdominal s.

Option to keep you legs bent at all stages of this move.

Repeat Jumping Jacks – 15 Seconds

Crunches with knees lifted – 30 Seconds

Lie on you back with knees bent and feet on the floor close to you bottom. Fingers by the temples either side of you head. Slightly raise you shoulders off the floor by squeezing you stomach. Then you want to curl up as if reaching you chest to the ceiling and then lower with control through you abdominal area back down to starting position.

Option to move you feet further away from you body.

Jumping Squats – 15 Seconds

Start standing with feet hip width apart, chest lifted tall drawing you shoulders down you spine to open the chest. Then sit down as if sitting into a chair pushing you butt back and down and knees over you toes. Then jump back to start by pushing through you feet squeezing you glutes to come back up to start. Keep low as an option removing the jump.

Plank with Knee To Elbow – 30 Seconds

Come into a plank position either on you arms or on you palms. Hands underneath you shoulders and engage you core and glutes for stability. Bring you right leg towards the left elbow then return. Bring you left leg towards you right elbow and return. Keep repeating

Repeat Jumping Squats – 15 Seconds

Forearm Plank – 30 Seconds

Lie onto the floor lifting you body onto you elbows, squeezing you core muscles and you glutes and pushing you heels into the floor. Ensure that you elbows are directly under the shoulders, face down so you are nice and straight top to toe. Relax you upper body and breath holding a still position for 30 seconds.

Option to stay on you knees or drop down if too long to hold here.

Repeat Jumping Squats – 15 Seconds

1 Minute Rest

Repeat Second Set

Cool Down – 1 Minute

Blast Your Core In 10 Minutes

Blast your abdominals with another great workout to target your stomach flab area. Will certainly get you stronger and increase your heart rate at the same time.

Get Ready & Press Play

Abdominal workout consists of 2 Sets of 5 Exercises, Rest and Repeat

Standing Knee Raises with Oblique Twist 60 Seconds

Plank with Alternate Leg Raises 45 Seconds

Rotating Side Plank with 3 Hip Raises 45 Seconds

Long Legged Sit Ups with Alternative Toe Touch 45 Seconds

Jumping Oblique Twists 60 Seconds

Rest 1 Minute

Aim to to as many repetitions of each exercise controlled and with good technique.

Then complete 2nd set

Warm Up – 2 Minutes

Standing Knee Raises with Oblique Twist

Stand with legs slightly wider than feet hip width apart. Hands either side of you temples. As you raise you knee you are going to twist you torso and try to take you elbow across to the knee. Try to keep as open through the chest as possible

Plank with Alternate Leg Raise

Start in full plank position hands under you shoulders, body aligned head to toe. Engage you core muscles so they are strong and squeeze you glutes. Lift right leg up straight behind you keep hips square to the floor. Repeat on the left. Continue to alternate legs ensuring glutes are tight and core strong.

Option: Forearms on floor and/or knees on floor. Lengthen foot back along the floor to straighten.

Rotating Side Planks With 3 Hip Raises

Start on the right-hand side palm of hand under shoulder. Open chest by drawing shoulder blades lengthened down the spine and reach left arm tall to ceiling. Your body should be long with engaged core and glutes, so you are in perfect alignment to start. Place 1 foot in front of other for comfort and to remain in a strong position. Drop you hips and then raise 3 times. Rotate you body through to a normal plank over to the left and repeat.

Option: Forearm and/or knees on the floor. Alternate 1 knee down and the other long.

Long Legged Sit Up & Long Legged Sit Up & ReachReach Across to Alternate Foot

Lie flat on you back and engage you core muscles. Hands by you temples ready for you sit up and feel you chest open. Squeeze you core muscles to sit up and as you reach seated position lengthen you right arm to reach across to the outside of you foot with the outside of you hand. Ensure that you are tall and open through the chest as you reach across you body. Come back down to lying controlled and rolling through the abdominal s and then repeat on the other side.

Option: – Knees Bent with small lift as you reach across.

Jumping Oblique Twists

Standing Tall with feet together and arms crossed in front of you. Jump you feet to the right and torso to the left and repeat side to side. Chest is open with shoulder blades lengthened down the spine. Squeeze core and glutes as you twist.

Option: – Twist upper body only.

Cool Down 2 Minutes

Flatter Abdominals in 10 Minutes

Stop any excuses! A 10-minute exercise programme to work you abdominal s. Now we all have time for that……….

Aim to to 2 to 3 Times per week. To increase intensity if you have more time to 2 rounds.

10 Exercises 60 seconds each

Aim to to as many of that exercise in 1 minute as you can.

Ensure that you choose the option that is right for you. Technique as is always key to success.

Time To Workout With Me 

Warm Up – 2 Minutes


Lie down on you back with you legs straight up in the air. Now reach you toes by touching with you arms using you abdominal muscles to lift you body off the floor.


Lie flat on the floor facing down. Take you fingers to you temple keeping you face down. Lift you torso off the floor as high as possible squeezing the glutes at the same time. Return to start position and repeat.


Lie down on you back then with you feet to floor and knees in the air bring you feet as close to you butt as possible. Palms facing down and lift you torso so that you shoulders are off the floor. Reach right arm to right heel and then swap to the other side alternating each time.


Sit on the floor legs out straight with torso at 90 degrees sitting up straight. Place you hands on the floor slightly wider than shoulder width apart with palms facing towards you legs. Then you want to sit on you seat bones bringing you knees to chest and then push you legs away out straight about 2 inches off the floor.


Lie you back down on the floor with legs and arms stretched long. Then using you core muscles, you want to bring you upper body and you legs into a V position. Control this movement both up and down to really work you abdominal s.


Lying back down onto the floor with legs outstretched. Palms by you side facing down onto the floor. Then come to starting position which is legs up in the air and the movement is about lowering controlled to the floor or as far as possible and then returning up to the start. Keep back firmly on the floor, slight lift in the pelvis and engage you stomach muscles.


Sit on the floor with you knees slightly bent in front of you and sitting back into you seat bones. Straighten you arms in front of you with fingers clasped in front of you body. Slowly twist you body to the right and then to the left with a good controlled movement, working through you obliques.


Position on all fours ensuring that knees are under hips and you palms are under you shoulders. Then stretch you right arm forward and left leg backwards extend to reach as far forward as possible. Then alternate to the other side left arm and right leg. Your aim is to lengthen as far forward and back as possible.


Start in a full upright press-up position. Wrists directly under shoulders and body straight through to you toes where you will be slightly pushing you heels to the floor. Core stays strong and the rest of you body is still. Hold this position up to 1 minute.

SIDE PLANK (Left Side & Right Side)Side Plank

Turn onto you side and lift you body off the floor pushing you hips nice and high whilst stacking you feet. Again, core is engaged and so are you glutes, so you are strong from head to toe with you body long. Hold for 30 seconds then change sides. Option to keep knees down and come onto elbows.

Toe Touches

Reverse Crunch

Oblique Heel Touches

Jack Knife Crunches

V Sit

Leg Lifts

Russian Twists



Side Plank x 2

Cool Down 2 Minutes

Abs Beautiful Abs – 7 Day Challenge

If, you are looking for the perfect abdominal s, then this short and sweet workout will help get those results.

So why not take this challenge for the next 7 Days to see how well you to. Not one crunch in sight either.

Time is NO Excuse as this workout is only 10 Minutes


Warm Up – 1 Minute

Plank – Hold

2 X Alternating Exercises – 30 Seconds On – 15 Seconds Rest

V Sit Ups & Bicycle Crunch

1 Minute Rest

Repeat 2 to 3 times

Cool Down – 1 Minute

Bicycle Crunch – Target Oblique Muscles

Lie on you back on the floor with you feet on the floor. Place you hands by you ears feeling an opening of the chest. Push you flexed right foot away from you so that you leg straightens in front of you with knees soft. At the same time you left leg comes into you chest and you want to take you right shoulder across to that knee. During this action you want to feel you core muscles and especially the obliques of the crunched side as you lift you shoulders off the floor to come across. Keep alternating legs and go as fast as you can with good technique. (The lower the legs the harder the exercise but look after you back)

Plank – Core Strength & Stabilisation

Start by lying face down and then come up onto you forearms placing them directly under you shoulder. Legs outstretched behind you curling you toes under and lifting through you abdominal s. All you want to to is hold this pose for as long as you can by trying to stay relaxed and breath. Key to this pose is to draw you shoulders away from you ears pushing into the forearms. At the same time push you heels to the floor squeezing you glutes. This pose activates all you strong postural muscles including you deep abdominal s.

V – Sit Ups

Start lying on you back, take you arms overhead linking thumbs together. Legs start from an outstretched position with knees and ankles together. Your, aim is to lift shoulders off the floor as you bring you arms to meet you legs which are simultaneously rising to meet you fingertips. Do not worry if you cannot get you shoulders off initially or you legs to not come all the way down to the floor. Over time and as you get stronger this will change. (Please look after you back)

Repeat Plank (hold as long as you can and build up through the week).

Aim to complete 1 Minute

2/3 Sets

60 second rest between sets.

4 Minute workout is 1 Set

3/4 Times Per Week Minimum

ConclusionMale Love Handle

I really hope that you enjoy these workouts to get rid of love handles for both men and women and of course you only need 10 minutes of you day so No Excuses!

I really want to help you get fit through this workout, so it is not only about you abdominal s. Of course, to truly succeed you really need to add a good healthy diet to get you desired results.

Please let me know how you get on in the comments below. If you have any questions then I am more than happy to help.


  1. Jomata

    Whenevery I plan to do some work out to get rid of my love handles,  I always get discouraged especially because of the time I think I’ll spend and the thought of it just wears me out,  but it’s so good to know that I can do this in just ten minutes for 2-3 days in a week and still get result,  i’m definitely going with this plan and I hope it works out.

  2. edahnewton1

    Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. Thanks for sharing such a timely information. I have been looking for exercise to get involved in at home that will help in eliminating belly fats, having gone through the various exercise highlighted in this article, I will definitely put them into practice, why hoping for the best results. Warm Regards

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Thank you for your comments,

      I hope that you get the desired results and if you need any further help please let me know.

      Wishing you success.

  3. evans

    so thoughtful of you to share such an intriguing review on how to get rid of love handles workout within 10 minutes of your day… I must say that is really an intriguing tips on how to get rid of love handles within 10 minutes what a lot of people actually take months to do on some tips and I look forward to putting them into practice… thanks for sharing such a lovely review of to share it in my blog..

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Hello and thank you for your comment,

      What I have learnt over time is that it is more important to do something that enables us to mentally get us through. If we can achieve a greater result in a shorter period of time I have found that more people are likely to do it.

      Good luck

  4. hillarydandy

    Thanks a lot for sharing this information. I never get tired of learning about  activities and exercises to do in order to stay fit and am pretty sure my mom will love this because despite her efforts to shed the dead weight it still clings to her, probably because she hasn’t been working out regularly.

    Am pretty sure this 10 min workout a day will prove effective.

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Thank you Hilary,

      I am so pleased that I can help your Mum especially as a regular routine which as you mentioned is what she might need. This is so good as it is a no excuse workout.


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