Different types of exercise is key to better movement, endurance and general well being. Here you will find advice on different types of exercise and also what’s new in the market.

Cardio & Strength

A mix of classes and exercise to help you increase cardiovascular fitness and increase muscle to enable you to move better in everyday life. Time to look after your heart, have fun and listen to great music to motivate you along the way.
With a mix of exercise, you will never go stale with your training optimum and will hopefully find a range of classes that will enable you to keep coming back for more.
People are on different journeys ranging from losing weight, changing shape to just generally increasing fitness, adding muscle mass or simply just being able to exercise in different ways.
A great class mix, range, and ability to try new things keeps people exercising.
Some types of exercise and classes for cardio and strength includes:
Mossa Group Power
Mossa ViPR
Les Mills Bodypump
Boxing Fitness
Fight FiiT
HiiT Circuits
Power Circuits
Total BodyBlast
Les Mills BodyCombat
The Jungle Body Konga
Les Mills BodyJam
Core Training

Strength Training

‘Is the ability to exert force against resistance’
This means something different to everyone example:- A sprinter wants to explode out of the blocks, a weightlifter wants to lift heaviest weight in one repetition. I want to move better everyday and function at my optimum.
For all of these to happen we need to train beyond normal operation as in overload. So that our muscles perform to meet our needs. We develop our muscles through
Maximum Strength
Elastic Strength
Strength Endurance

Cardio Training

Definition of which is ‘physical activity that exercises the Heart, Lungs, and circulatory system. This is basically training our bodies engine to function because without it you are going nowhere.
Your resting heart rate (RHR) is the best indicator of how strong and fit you are and is calculated by the number of times your heart beats in 60 seconds. The lower the number the more effective your body becomes. The average value of an adults resting heart rate is 72 but with cardiovascular training this number can significantly reduce. In Sebastian Coes Olympic Double episode his RHR was only 29.
Another important factor that is helped by cardiovascular training is blood pressure. Your target BP should be no higher that 140/85 and once again cardiovascular training can seriously help with this.
The added benefit of cardiovascular training is that you can beat Heart Disease which is still the biggest killer in the UK. Plus, you will burn calories and reduce fat, strengthen and tone your muscles and generally feel good due to the increase of ‘happy endorphins ’.


To feel good and have fun. Great for your body and incredible for your mind. Learn steps and keep your brain training too.
Whilst keeping fit is always at the forefront of our mind enjoying the fun you are having is just as important for us. We have a mix of Dance classes to get your feet toe tapping and keep your fitness in check.
Barre Concept, Hip-Hop, Jungle Body, Fit-Steps
Les Mills BodyJam, DDMIX, Ballet


Why Cycling is good for you?
There are several benefits associated with cycling.
Build Strength
Build Stamina and endurance
Increase Cardiovascular Fitness
Burn Calories
Cardiovascular Fitness but low impact workout
Release ‘good feel’ endorphins

Cycling with Power Metres

Bikes with a power metre and a self generating EcoScreen Display which mean you have the ability of measuring fitness by taking the guesswork out of training. This enables you to measure your performance and enable you to see your increased goals. You can map fitness strategies so that you can achieve your goals quickly.
Riding indoors can now have the same precision as the professionals whether you ride outdoors or just want to increase your fitness and have fun.
Training Screens
Training screens are an interactive multimedia system made specifically for indoor cycling studios. It means that on every ride your stats are collated such as power, cadence, rpm, heart rate, calories burned and kilometres travelled in real time. Your own individual stats are also part of the ride to enable you to see your fitness improvements at every point.
Some training screens link all your individual stats to a great visual screen showing every rider in the group enables us to have fun in a class and show your exact ride portfolio such as hills, flats, sprints in different places of the world.
Once your ride is finished your stats are sent to your account so you can break down every point of that ride in as much detail as you might want.

Measuring Performance & Why?

This is so important for you to really measure where you are at, where you started and set against your own aims and goals. You can clearly assess where you need to improve, what your strengths and weaknesses are to achieve success.
With the use of power zones every type of rider from beginner to elite cyclist can really maximise fitness levels based on you as an individual with accuracy.
Enjoy your ride.


Exercises that enable us to connect our body and minds together.
The key components of all these type of classes in this area is about postural alignment and we can affect this in many ways through offering different types of classes.
Postural alignment is so important especially when you are challenging your body for better results in terms of fitness. However, many of us neglect the importance of alignment and do not fully understand why this area is a must to your weekly regime.

To really progress our fitness our bodies alignment is key so we can endure the stresses of exercise and promote greater success towards our goals. If our body is not aligned correctly, we will never improve strength, power, increased cardio and we are more likely to suffer greater injury or even become prone to disease which will ultimately feel like we have no improvement.
There are several exercises that can help and all you have to do is find the ones that suit your personality and your ability.


Proven to strengthen the body with emphasis on our core to improve general fitness and wellbeing.
Initially started as an aid to rehabilitation by a gentleman by the man of Joseph Pilates who believed both physical and mental health were intricately linked.
Pilates is used to improve posture, strengthen our muscles, balance and co ordination and help with joint mobility. Helping our flexibility through these classes means we can help reduce the risk of injury.


An ancient form of exercise started in India and comes in many different forms. All our classes are available to beginners as well as seasoned “Yogi’s”. Try different types to see what you feel more comfortable with that suits your needs.

Yoga has so many benefits depending on what you are looking for and where your focus is.
You will improve muscle flexibility, strength, and posture through your whole body. Many people feel the physical effects through weight loss and increased energy. The bonus of Yoga comes down to the mindful aspect from breathing which helps reduce stress. Breathing better enables you to be more mindful and feel happier within.


This class is for everyone removing barriers of age, gender, and fitness background. The nature of the background makes it easy for everyone to feel successful with each class and give you an opportunity of allowing you to challenge your fitness and feel your progress.
It is a great way to increase strength, flexibility, and relaxation. The other great benefit is that it allows your body to stay in peak condition. You will be able to fight injury and allow for a quick recovery as it allows you to put back the what the hard exercise session takes out.