Good Fat Benefits

Does Fat Make You Fat?


So many people ask me about fats and often find this subject extremely confusing especially as there is so much information out there and not all of it accurate.

When on a Paleo Keto Eating Plan, Fats are so important as part of your diet but ensuring that you are eating the right amount together with the right type is so important.

You should be eating 60 to 75% of good fats as part of your meal planning. What does that look like is the question I am often asked?

Healthy Fats

If you are not eating enough fat then your body will need more protein and carbohydrates to compensate.

Dietary fat is slow burning and gives you more sustainable energy. If this is exchanged for Carbohydrates, it releases energy far quicker. As a result and in the long term you will suffer with

Less Energy

Burn Muscle Tissue not body fat.

Metabolism and Hormones are affected.

Our bodies need fat to function efficiently and optimally. Hormones regulate many things in the body incl Building & Maintaining Muscle. You will continue to burn calories 24 hours per day.

Fat does NOT make you fat.

Some Examples of Fat you should have in diet.

Saturated Fats –

These fats are good for but you must not eat too much of them.


Animal Fats – Stay within protein quota

Eggs – Eaten whole

Coconut Butter

Cacoa Butter

Coconut Oil – Lots of controversy over this oil so I will try to simplify for you.

Raises LDL through Long Chain Fatty Acids. Also, increases HDL due to

Its Medium Chain Fatty Acids.

Raw State Only –

Olive Oil

Sunflower Oil

Flaxseed Oil

Avocado Oil

Oils To Cook With –

Organic Ghee

Coconut Oil

Avocado Oil

Fish Oil – Check its free from toxins

Fish – Farm / Sustainable / Wild Pacific / Alaskan (Contain mercury and not fed

Naturally so stay away from). All other fish is good to eat.

Avoid Added Dietary Sugar – Clogs arteries, Bad Cholesterol Increases

A Higher Fat Diet triggers the body into a “Lipolytic State” which means you will burn more body fat than storing it.

Fat protects Protein in the muscle which is exactly what the Paleo Keto Diet is aimed at.

Low Fat, Healthy Fat & The Functions of Fat 

The Western World generally believe in Low Fat or No Fat Diets. Unfortunately, this way of thinking has been proven with science to be extremely unhealthy and has showed that this population is now fatter than ever.

Alaskan Nuits who have a diet made of 70% Saturated Fats are known to be extremely healthy with the lowest disease related to Heart Disease and High Cholesterol

Healthy Cell Membranes

Need a third of dietary fat.

The higher the fat intake will also enable your body to perform better with Intermittent Fasting.

Fat helps to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation of the cells. Healthy cells help our body to function efficiently.

Fatty Acids

Fatty Acids found in fatty food help to increase our metabolic health. These fats MUST BE good healthy fats. No biscuits or processed food!

Essential Fatty Acids (E.F.A.S) & Polyunsaturated Fats (P.U.F.A.S) both keep you full 2 hours after eating.

Trans Fat (Found in processed foods and anything sugary) will NOT help you lose weight and are detrimental to your health.


Medium Chain Triglycerides

Medium Chain Fatty Acids

Example Coconut Oil

Palm Oil

Usually colourless and odourless and liquid at room temperature.

There are 4 types of Fatty Acids in MCTS – (Several in Coconut Oil)

Caproic Acid – C6

Caprylic Acid – C8

Capriic Acid – C10

Lauric Acid – C12

These fatty acids are quick energy boosting. They also help to keep a sharp brain.

They are quick energy boosting because the body absorbs them quickly into the body bypassing the digestive tract going straight to the liver. There it is converted to energy as Ketones except C12. There it is sent out to the body via our bloodstream.

It’s the speed that is so important because the faster fat turns to ketones the faster energy is released. This is the reason why MCT Oils are so good for us.

C12 is also a fatty acid that digests in the stomach and then the small intestine before being absorbed into the blood and then releases as energy.

Benefits of MCT Oil

1. Has a unique structure which means it is metabolized by the body. Has many benefits not found in other Fatty Acids.

2. Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Viral Properties, which means it balances Gut Flora and supports a healthy immune system.

3. Helps to lose unwanted fat.

4. Good for suppressing hunger

5. Quick, Clean Energy especially good for the brain function.

6. Improves insulin sensitivity especially when eating alongside a Paleo and Keto Diet Plan.

Different Type of MCT Fat

Caproic Acid – C6

Little found in Coconut Oil.

Can suffer with stomach and gastric upsets.

Converts quickly into ketones.

Caprylic Acid – C8

6% in Coconut Oil

Potent Antimicrobial Properties

Helps to maintain a healthy gut.

Fastest to metabolize in the brain.

Considered a Brain Octane Oil.

Liver does not process which means that there are only 3 steps to turn to energy. Sugar for instance takes 26 processes.

Brain Octane means that it is good at suppressing cravings.

18 Tablespoons Coconut Oil = 1 of Brain Octane

Capric Acid – C10

9% found in Coconut Oil

2nd shortest form of MCT

Slower to turn into energy which makes it more affordable than C8.

Only C8 & C10 converts to energy without passing through the liver. Therefore, energy is virtually instantaneous.

6 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil = 1 x MCT

Lauric Acid – C12

50% in Coconut Oil

It is slow to convert into energy as processed through the liver.

Also, known as an LCT (Long Chain Triglyceride)

Can raise Cholesterol

Has Anti-Microbial Benefits

Some Marketers try to confuse you by adding Monolaurin into MCT Oil which is NOT the same and should be avoided.

C14 & Above –

All LCT’s – Long Chain Fatty Acids in Coconut Oil

Mostly saturated Fats – Steric Acid (C18)

Oleic Acid (C18+1)

Linoleic Acid (C18+2)

Good fuel Source

MCT Oil vs Coconut Oil


C8/C10 More Effective For Energy

Do not choose a low grade type as C17 & C6 not removed

Pure C8 & C10 Important

Good for bullet proof coffee


Good for brain

Coconut Oil

Different strains of fat and not all effective for Energy & Fat Loss

Health Giving

Contains Lauric Acid which is Antimicrobial properties

Great for Cooking

It is important to have a mix of both for a healthy efficient body.


It is so important to have good fats in your diet. Some of the best foods to keep you healthy include.

Organic Grass Fed Butter

Coconut Oil







Dark Chocolate

Whole Eggs

Chia Seeds

MCT Oil – This is a Medium Chain Triglyceride which is extracted from both Coconut Oil and Palm Oil.

Coconut Oil Fats used in MCT Oil


C8 These 3 are Energy Ketones


C12 A Long Chain Triglyceride

Foods To Be Avoided At All Cost

Processed Food which is damaged fats and exceedingly bad for your bodies health. Leads to long term disease.


No Fat does NOT make you Fat and in fact has the opposite effect.

I too was dubious about changing over my diet from a predominantly healthy Paleo Type Diet to a mix of Paleo and Keto. However, once I tried it and got the results, I knew this was the healthiest way to live and was sustainable.

Most of my clients are now able to control their eating habits with some of them having great results not only weight loss but also have stopped medication utilization.

I can honestly say that following this programme you will have more energy and long term health without the hunger or cravings.

Fatty Acids are so important for body to function efficiently and by following a Macro High Meal Plan you will reap the rewards.

If you have any questions and would like further information please contact me below.


  1. Jenni Elliott

    Hi Imelda, I was fascinated to read your article – “Does Fat Make You Fat”. It certainly explained a lot of what I already believed, but probably didn’t know the science behind it. I have been on the Paleo way of eating for a couple of years now and find that I feel much healthier than before. So I was particularly interested in your article about the Paleo Keto Diet and took a quick look. Thank you for that, too, it explained a lot.

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Thank you Jenni,

      I am so pleased this article has helped you to better understand Fats. I find the Paleo Keto Diet a much healthier way of eating than just keto.

      If you need any further help on this please let me know.



  2. Lawrence Dora

    Hey there Imelda,

    Great post on fats, people always assume that more fat will make you fatter. Its like saying watching TV all day will turn you into an actor, its a poor analogy, I know but that is exactly stupid it sounds. Gaining a little knowledge on the health benefits of fats by reading great articles like yours will really help a lot of people.

    Thank youfor this great post.



    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Hello Lawrence,

      Thankyou so much for your comments. I am so pleased I have been able to help.

      Fats can be good if you choose the right ones.



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