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Benefits Of Doing Push Ups Everyday

Press UpThere is a reason why The Classic Push Up is the oldest and most basic exercise and put simply it is effective and works.

The Push Up is my favourite compound exercise of all time as it is a Full Body Workout hits all the major muscle groups and joints










My Best value for money exercise as you will not only tone and strengthen your body but burn calories too. This exercise will also help your mind through balance and coordination so will help you to move better generally.

Can one exercise really do all this?

There are lots of benefits to the Push Up and should be done everyday. It is simple and effective and can be done everyday

How To Perform A Good Push Up

Start on your Hands and Feet with your body in a good strong alignment. Legs, Hips, Head, Neck and Feet in one straight line.

Ensure your hips are lifted and in alignment. Squeeze your glutes and gently push your heels to the floor. Your core is engaged strong helping to support your back and your shoulder blades are lengthened down your spine which will create length through the neck which should be relaxed. Eyes looking down to the floor is important to stop straining the neck.Press UP Perform

You then want to lower your body as close to the floor as possible. Then before you hit the floor squeeze through your chest and arms to push your body back to the start. Squeezing glutes and heels to the floor engaging your core will also help you up.

Then your aim is to repeat as many times as possible.

10 – 15 Reps

3 Sets

Always good to add press-ups into your daily exercise routine or at least a minimum of 2 to 3 times per week.

Push Up Options

There are plenty of options to the Full Push Up that you can do to develop this fantastic exercise.

Wall Push Up

Stand Feet Hip Width apart facing a flat wall. You should be around 3 feet away from the wall so that you have room to press. Reach for the wall with your palms flat at shoulder height and shoulder width apart. Lean your body towards the wall with feet flat on the floor. Squeeze your glutes, squeeze your abdominal, shoulders are lengthened down your spine and you are looking straight. Then push into the wall squeezing your chest to push yourself back to starting position.

Box Push Up

Come down to the floor on all fours. Wrists are directly under the shoulders and knees directly under the hips. You are in alignment from head to your hips and feet are relaxed flat to the floor. Squeeze your core and lengthen your shoulder blades down your spin so you feel a little pinch together of your shoulder blades. Slowly lower your chest to the floor with the tip of your nose almost touching, this will put your hips in a heightened position. Once again press your body back starting position by squeezing through your chest.

Push Up On Your KneesKnee Press Up

Start on all fours and then push your hips forward which will put your body into a sloped position. Core is squeezed strong to protect your back. Glutes squeeze on and feet lift into the air close to your bum. (If tired leave feet on the floor). Wrists remaining directly under the shoulders and you should feel chest is open. Neck is in alignment and you are looking straight ahead. Slowly lower chest to the floor and you should feel a rock on your knees. Then push through your chest to push your body back to the start position.

Muscles Used During Push Up

Pectoral Muscles (Chest)

These are the primary muscles group used during the push-up exercise. Strong pecs help you in throwing and pushing actions.

Triceps (Back Of The Arm)

These muscles are used for the stability of the elbow and responsible for the final extension of the elbow to lock out the press-up.

Anterior Deltoids (Front of The Shoulder)

Responsible for assisting the pectoral muscles during the push-up. Anterior or front deltoids help your arms raise in front of you.

Biceps (Front of Arm)

Part of stabilization during the push-up. Provides support for your triceps in the pressing movement.

Rectus Abdominal (Stomach)

This is the long broad muscle in front of your torso and the one we all generally want to look lean and toned. During the push-up you want to squeeze so that it hugs your ribs and engages to keep your body straight.

Obliques (Stomach)

These muscles are at the side of your waist and they help you to bend and rotate. They activate during the push-up to stabilize and stop twisting or any rotation.Anatomy Press Up

Quadriceps (Big Muscles Top of the Front of Leg)

The Quads engage to keep your body straight and your legs lifted, and toes rooted to the floor.

Erector Spinae (Back)

These are the long muscles that are lengthened down the spine. They help to keep your back straight and strong during the push-up. The work in conjunction with your Rectus Abdominal and your Obliques.

Gastrocnemius & Soleus (Calf)

Connects to your heels and your knee joint and used to flex and point your toes. Helps to stabilize the lower leg and pushes the heel to floor.

Push Up ChallengePress Up Options

30 Day Challenge.

Start from 1 push up and build up to 30 on the last day.

This means that every day you add another push up.

This challenge is a really good way to develop your push up over time and as it works your whole body this is such a great exercise to complete.


Push ups are an amazing exercise for your body strength and used to build endurance and power through the chest and shoulders. The abdominal are also worked in a similar way that they do during a plank exercise.

As I have shown there are different ways to start with a press-up and move on to a more difficult option.

Once you can achieve an effective press-up you can then start to add variations such as incline, decline, diamond, triceps, one arm, shoulder taps, one leg and many more.

Let me know how you get on with your push-ups. If you have any further questions leave in the comments below and I will do my best to help.

Thank you


  1. Diane

    Great post and quite relevant for our family. We were just discussing push-ups last night! Our girls (19-year-old twins) are in karate lessons and pushups are part of the exercises that their Sensei has them practicing to build strength. However, they do find it a bit challenging. I shared your post with them (FB). Do you have any suggestions for them to improve their ability to do more pushups?

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Thank you Diane,

      I really enjoyed your comments and pleased your girls are doing push ups in Karate. I know we used to always to push ups in my karate classes.

      The best way to improve your push ups is get better at technique. Sometimes I find going really slow, close my eyes and feel what my body is doing gives you an opportunity to really get a better understanding of your push up pattern.

      I hope that helps.

      Thank you again

  2. edahnewton1

    Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. So much interesting facts about push ups. I love push ups exercise, but whenever I engage in it, I usually experience pains around my belle, due to this pain I will stop for sometime. I don’t know if you have any recommendations to remedy this pain, in other for me to have continuous push up exercise

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Thank you so much for your comments and so pleased that you found this article useful for you.

      Without seeing how you perform your push up it is a little hard to know the best advice to offer but please feel free to try these if they help. If could be that you are overextending the abdominals so have a look at how far your arms are in relation to your feet as you could be moving to far forward as you get tired. The other problem that people have is arching the back when they get tired. This is why it is important to ensure you keep form. Ice is good if you have inflamed your stomach muscles. I hope that helps.

      Thank you 

  3. Sami

    Your article about the value of a push-up was interesting as you shared all the ways this exercise can build and strengthen our bodies, head to toe. I think we see so much hype about exercising, and with the technology available, all the tools to use that we forget the basic.  I do think that there are times when it is helpful to the kind of bored person to be able to switch to the equipment available in gyms and building your own gym, especially to combat boredom.  However, the reminder if the convenience and the fact that you can get in shape and stay in shape without equipment to take up space or cost extra money is helpful as well.

    Just as a good basic healthy diet and regular exercise, getting enough sleep, staying hydrated. In our part of the world, it is so hot, it is tempting to go to the gym right now because it is cool.  Outside to walk is not too attractive.  However, with the Corona Virus still around, am grateful for your article about the benefits of push-ups.  That may be my go-to for a while.  There are other basics I can do as well here at home, and stay safe through the summer.  Maybe we will feel more comfortable in a couple of months about getting out.  Thanks for your information about helping ourselves with the full-body push-ups.

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Thank you Sami,

      I really appreciate your comments and it is so true that at this time staying indoors and being safe is really important. The push up is such as great strength exercise that does not take any time at all. Every year we lose about 3% of our muscle through not doing any strength work so this goes a long way to help.

      Thank you once again

  4. Stephen

    This was a great article and explained the benefits of push ups really well.  I liked the fact that you gave us different types of push ups to try which I would imagine give a slightly different experience to the muscles used? 
    Your challenge is a great idea and something that people would take up if they were starting to exercise for the first time or after a bit of a break. 
    I like the idea of getting good at the first few basic push ups and then moving on to the variations mentioned at the end.  I enjoy going to the gym but this article has added something to my armoury of body weight exercises. 
    All the best.  Stephen.

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Thank you for your comments Stephen,

      I believe that push ups are the perfect exercise that you can do daily within a small time frame and achieve amazing benefits.

      You sound like you are a seasoned gym goer so i’d push those challenges and just see how interesting you can make them.


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