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10 Tips To Find A Good Diet To Lose Weight

DietI want to share with you some of the 10 most popular diet myths so that you no longer make the same mistakes. It does not matter what time of year, but everyone wants to lose weight, whether for a special occasion, holiday, or an added few pounds.

The only problem we have is that we want a “quick fix” whilst still leading the same lifestyle. Unfortunately, the “Quick Fix” Diet does not exist and to change our bodies we must change ourselves.

The mental stress that occurs with losing weight and not being able to achieve your goals is astonishing and I want to try to help you reach success.

Here I bust some diet myths to help you find a good diet to help you lose weight.

Skipping Breakfast Is A Good Way To Lose Weight

Skipping meals especially breakfast is most likely to make you feel hungry and tired and have you reaching for high fat and high calorie snacks. Generally, people who eat breakfast tend to lead healthier lifestyles.

Even with Intermittent Fasting we still need to break our fast and the best way to do that is to eat or drink protein (such as a bone broth) around 2 hours before we eat our first meal.

Food Restrictions

If you eat nothing but celery or cabbage all day for a week you will lose weight. However, fad diets that limit your calories are not sustainable in the longer term and you are more than likely to put that weight back on. Starving yourself is not the key to losing weight but making small changes will in the long term.

There is a type of Intermittent Fast which is the 5:2 Diet which means that for two days you only eat 800 calories and the other 5 days you eat normally. The idea behind this way of eating is that on the other 5 days you will only eat what your body wants. Please ensure that you make good food choices so plenty of protein and good carbohydrates such as leafy vegetables which will keep you fuller for longer.

No Treats

Depriving yourself of all the foods you enjoy will not work. You will very quickly give into temptation and abandon your efforts. There is no harm in allowing yourself treats every now and again.

The Truth is that if you eat wisely with whole natural foods that are not processed, you will not have the same cravings that you once had. You will find that you no longer want that biscuit or those cakes.Cakes

Remember Sugar is our biggest addiction and your brain does not have the signals stating that you are full so it will continue to want more.

No Eating Past 8pm

It does not matter what time of the day you eat if you are consuming too many of the wrong calories. It is more beneficial for your digestive system if you do not eat just before you go to sleep. However, a late dinner will make you no fatter than an early one. I do also find that the later you eat and the more tired you feel you will generally make the wrong food choices opting for those sugary snacks.

Intermittent fasting has been part of my life for some 4 years and I try my best not to eat after 8pm mainly to do with the time in between my last meal and the time that I break my fast.

Lose Your Belly Fat, Bingo Wings or Thunder Thighs

As unfair as it may seem we cannot spot reduce fat from certain areas of our body. Whilst we might be able to tone an area through exercise the same cannot be said for where we reduce or increase fat from.

Just remember when we lose weight you will generally lose from all over the body and that is about food predominantly and then ensuring you have a good exercise routine.

Only Eat Foods That Burn Fat

No foods can burn fat alone. There are certain foods that can help accelerate your metabolism such as Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Cayenne Pepper and Black Coffee to name a few but not in isolation. This means you MUST have a good food regime and ensure that your exercise programme incorporates Cardio, Strength and Stretch.

Trying to eat smaller portion sizes and choosing the right food is more effective.

Carbohydrates Are FatteningWhole Carbohydrates

Gram for gram carbohydrates have fewer calories than fat. However, a lot of carbohydrates can be mixed with rich food such as sauces which adds a lot more calories such as Spaghetti Carbonara.

Try thinking of eating wholegrain foods which will keep you fuller for longer as they are packed full of fibre. You are also less likely to eat as much.

Replace normal pasta or rice with wholegrain. Adding chicken and vegetables such as broccoli could turn into an amazingly tasty dish which is low calorie and full of low GI foods and fibre.

The right choices will stop the need for snacking.

No Snacking

Snacking in general is only something that has come into our lifestyles recently. If you eat well which means getting all your nutrients, vitamins, fibre, protein, fats, and good carbohydrates will negate the need for snacking.

However, if you have skipped a meal or had a hard workout then healthy snacking in between meals can be better for you as you can control your hunger. Good snacks would include nuts, fruit, vegetables, and crudités.

You could even try something like Organic Peanut Butter and apple slices. Utterly delicious and full of goodness.

Low Fat Foods Only

Replacing fat with low calorie food usually leads to eating more and unfortunately a lot of these products have added sugars and flavours to them. Whilst manufacturers will confuse you with low fat products, they need to enable them to taste good which means adding sugar and other chemicals.

Processed foods in general are so bad for our digestive system and are worth avoiding.

Always read the labels.

Intense Exercise Regimes

A good healthy body needs a good mix of exercise such as Cardio, Strength, Stretch and Mindfulness. Even low intensity exercise such as gardening and walking is good for you.Exercise Routine

For a healthier you it is important to eat well which means a variety of food that preferably is not processed.

Exercise at least 150 minutes every week and twice a week you need to add in strength works.

It is better for you to be consistent with your exercise routine and one that you can sustain for the longer term. 10-minute exercise every other day is far better than a 1-hour session once per week.

A one-off intense workout lasting for 3 hours on the odd occasion will not be conducive to a good healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


Hopefully, I have opened your eyes to a better way of losing weight and busting those myths that are out there.

My advice is that you need a good healthy eating habit and combine this with a varied exercise routine. Changing your lifestyle will enable you to lose weight but more importantly that you can continually look and feel amazing both inside and out.

Please leave me any comments or further questions and I will be more than happy to help.



  1. Hilde

    Yay! Always difficult to find the perfect balance so you do not put on weight. It is a diet jungle out there.So what to choose? I had no problems when I was younger to keep my weight, but as the time goes by it seems like my body does not burn fat the same way it used to. I eat breakfast as a routine.Never skip breakfast. However breakfast can be all from bread to fruits. I have tried the 5:2 diet. It actually works quite well for me. I try to stay away from sugar, but oh that chocolate once in a while is hard to say no to.Lol. I try not to eat 3 hours before I go to bed. Exercise is very important. We are born to move our bodies. It is also a question of mindset and discipline as with everything else. Loosing weight is no quick fix. It is daily practice.

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Hello Hilde,

      Thank you for you comments and sharing your experiences which I have to say are probably the same issues as others are having. Pleased you have had good results with the 5:2 diet.

      Thank you 

  2. manuel

    I am guilty of eating past 8 pm. I have tried to stop this but because of several reasons such as coming from work really late I find it difficult to stop. I would like to lose more weight but I have just not been able to pull it off. I might have tried one or two tips on this list but I guess I wasn’t really consistent with it.

    I am going to give it another go as I know that to succeed with this one has to be really disciplined.

    What do you think about keto dieting? I have heard that it is another effective way to lose that extra weight although I have not given it a try I would like to know a bit more about it and can I add it to the tips that were listed here?

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Hello Manuel,

      Thank you so much for your comments and you are probably so similar to many people looking to lose weight. I have a little tip with the 8pm which is to make it a light meal and perhaps switch your lunch to be your main meal. 

      Yes, Keto is very good especially for a 6 – 8 week metabolic kick. I will do something on this type of diet as I have had a few people ask me.

      Thank you so much

  3. Fran

    I need to post your article on my refrigerator as a reminder to watch what I am eating.  I do pretty well, but could stand to lose about 10 pounds.  It’s not easy, giving up the bad stuff!  It seems easier in summer because I’m more active and don’t spend so much time trying to avoid bad weather.  Staying inside all the time seems to cause my eating habits to get out of whack.  

    Why did you say that skipping breakfast is a good way to lose weight?  I thought skipping breakfast was a real no-no. Explain, please.

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Hello Fran, 

      Thank you so much for your comments and the Winter time is usually the hardest to lose weight due to comfort eating so you are not alone.

      Breakfast is usually the associated with morning eating. It is just another name to break your fast. What I mean is extend the length of time between your last meal in the evening and the first meal the following day. It has huge benefits from a health perspective and metabolic increase. Start with 12 hours and then increase the time.

      Thank you once again

  4. Sami

    Eating healthy foods help with weight loss, but so does staying busy.  That is when the bad stuff finds itself in my hand!  I agree that the Intermittent fast style of dieting is a good path.  It is easy, and you can do it without call attention to the fact that you are trying to lose a bit of weight.  I also like 16 hours of fasting in a 24 hour period, but not always as successful as I would like.  I don’t get too bent out of shape with 14 hours of fasting.  

    I have used low-calorie intake in the past some days of the week.  However, I was younger and had a different lifestyle.  Now I think that I use my energy better by trying for the full16 hours of fasting.  It is slow but stays off better.  I do slip some when we have company or go somewhere. I don’t try to go for the extreme.  I notice you didn’t recommend broth in your suggestions.  Even a good vegetable broth is so filling, and low calorie.  As well as vegetable soup with lots of broth in it. Those are my favorites to help out.  Did you not recommend broth because you don’t use it or is there a health reason I should be aware of?  Thank you

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Thank you Sami,

      I really appreciate your comments. Yes, finding the right eating habits for you is really important especially as you quite rightly mentioned when we age or sit down for too long. You seem to be very in control of your lifestyle which is really lovely to see and I do not think that you have to be strict all the time especially out in company. I do take bone broth mainly as a way of breaking my fast and to prepare my body so it is really good for you and full of protein.

      Thank you so much

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