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10 Healthy Foods That Boost Energy

Is it time to boost your energy levels?

Are you are feeling tired? Low on Energy?

You might be running low on the vitamins and minerals necessary to help your body convert food into energy.

Asking your body to maintain the busy schedules of life whilst eating a poor diet is like asking a car to drive with sugar in the tank on a formula one circuit.

Oilly Fish

List 0f 10 Healthy Boosting Energy Foods

Here is my list of energy boosting foods which I believe is important for our overall body function with energy being at the forefront.

I have always believed in a mix of good natural nutrients and minerals for our bodies to function efficiently and none more so than giving us the energy we need to get through our day both mentally and physically.


Important as transfers all nutrients around the body. Our body is made up of approximately 60% to 70% of water. Throughout the day we will lose water through sweat, urine and vapour, so it is important to continuously look to replace through drinking water and replacing our fluids. Remember our bodies cannot survive without water so it is super important that you hydrate.

Drinking small amounts of water little and often is far better for you. As soon as you feel a thirst, that is your body telling you that you are already de hydrated so small sips throughout the day is key to your energy levels.


Rich in B Vitamins B12, B2 and B5 plus good quality proteins and 9 essential amino acids mean that eggs will give you a great energy boost. The human body in general does not produce enough or any of the B vitamins other than B12. B12 helps in the metabolism of fatty acids and amino acids. Essential for the nervous system and creating red blood cells.

B2 converts carbohydrates to energy and breaks down proteins and fats.

B5 is essential for the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Our body does produce B5 itself but not enough for what we need.

The amino acids that make up proteins help our body to repair and grow including muscles, skin and bones. Proteins provide 4 grams of energy for every gram you consume.


Oily, Fatty Fish – Salmon, Mackerel, Tuna

Full of Omega 3 healthy fats which is important for our bodies to function. Our bodies do not produce our own so we need to eat foods high in EPA and DHA.

Main functions of omega 3 is to protect our heart and blood vessels from disease. Omega 3 is also found to be protective in maintaining good memory and helping us fight against depression.

Countries such as those in the Mediterranean, Japan and Greenland where they eat a lot of fish as part of their diet generally have very low levels of heart disease compared to UK or the USA for example.

Pumpkin Seeds

Are good sources of potassium, magnesium and calcium.

Potassium is an electrolyte and helps to maintain healthy and consistent blood pressure.

Magnesium is required for energy production and relaxation of our muscles. This can generally be one mineral that our bodies are low in. Women especially suffer with low levels of magnesium as we get older.

Calcium helps to strengthen our bones and teeth and again depletes as we age.


They are associated with a high nutritional value that help us to boost our energy levels. Nuts contain large numbers of fats, vitamins and amino acids so perfect for releasing energy slowly.

Walnuts, Almonds and Macadamia’s would be my recommendation for the most nutritious.


Is the name of a flowering plant that originates from South America. The guarana fruit looks like a small grapefruit and is a reddish orange in colour. The fruits are clustered as they grow and contain a seed which when ripe is either turned into a paste or brewed in a similar way as coffee.

Guarana is considered to be a stimulant and is the richest natural source of Caffeine at 1 – 4% as opposed to coffee beans at 1 – 2%. Caffeine increases your metabolism and helps you to burn fat.

Due to the high concentration of caffeine in these seeds they in turn are rich in catechins and epicatechins which are powerful anti oxidants which are also used in Green Tea.Guarana Berries


Has a crunchy texture and nutty flavour. It is a Gluten Free Grain which contains more protein than any other grain or rice and also has high levels of fibre and other great nutrients and anti oxidants.

Cooked Quinoa consists of approximately 71% Water, 21% Carbohydrates, 4% Protein 2% Fibre and 2% fat. In 100 grams there are about 130 calories.

Quinoa has come into its own recently due to the many health benefits such as higher energy expenditure, improved cholesterol levels and a great aid for weight loss.


Good source of protein and zinc which assists in energy metabolism.

Zinc is involved in the breakdown of energy from carbohydrates. Those people who are known to be deficient in zinc generally have very low levels of energy.

Chicken is a meat exceptionally low in fat and high in proteins. There are approximately 31 grams of protein in a 100g serving of chicken. Breast meat is the leanest with approximately 1g of fat per 28 grams. Chicken legs have approximately 2g of fat per 28 grams of meat.

A very versatile meat which can be baked, boiled, grilled and roasted and goes with almost everything.


Red Meat

Such as Beef is rich in iron and can stop you feeling tired and faint.

Iron is essential for the growth of our body and supports our muscles through aiding oxygen circulation and helping against fatigue.

Iron deficiency is associated with chronic fatigue. Ensuring that you consume the right foods in your diet that contain iron can combat that deficiency. In turn good levels of iron will keep you energized throughout the day.

Fruit & Vegetables

Packed full of Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are organic nutrients that the body uses to maintain normal metabolism and health.

Vitamins function as chemical partners for the enzymes involved in cell production and tissue repair. Minerals help facilitate the absorption of vitamins.

In the UK the general population do not eat enough fruit and vegetables which means we are lacking in very important minerals and vitamins which give us a healthy and balanced diet. It is important therefore to colour up and mix different types of fruit and vegetables to get a greater mix of those vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. Your 5 A Day is a good start for this but ensure you are adding lots of different types to reap the rewards.

Food & Energy


This is my top list of healthy energy food that I also try to combine in my diet regularly. Many of these foods also have many other benefits and lots more vitamins and minerals within. I really wanted to give you an idea of different foods with a variety of vitamins and minerals to give you extended choices of what you can consume for increased energy and health.

The food you eat is the primary source for these elements as most cannot be manufactured in the body.


  1. Rolex4real

    Hello there! This is an awesome review you’ve got here. As a musician (particular playing drums), I lost a lot of energy on stage almost everyday as I last sometimes 2hours on stage, I just hope this meals help to me regain strength before going on stage.

    Thanks for sharing, I love it!

    1. Imelda

      Thank you for your comment and I am so pleased that I am able to help.

      Energy is really key to get through the day especially as a musician so ensuring that you eat the right foods will be very important for you.

  2. Bee

    Thank you for this list of great food for energy. I am regularly eating most of those! I love salmon, chicken, fruits and vegetables! Though I may not have much experience with quinoa, I hope I will be adventurous enough to try it! How else can I incorporate it with my existing diet? 

    I find that I do not really eat eggs daily, but once in 2 days. 

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Hello Bee, thank you so much for your comments. 

      I am so pleased that you are finding this article interesting and that I have given you a food which you have not tried before. Quinoa is such a good source of food and so versatile as you can eat hot or cold so perfect to add foods for a salad such as pomegranate. 

      I hope you enjoy trying Quinoa and using in different ways.

      Thank you again

  3. Steve G

    First off let me say yummy!!!  The picture of just the salmon got my mouth to watering even before read your great post.   As I enter into my seventies – I find myself needing more energy to get through the day.   While overall healthy – it is the loss of endurance and energy that has me concerned.   I appreciate you pulling together this list of healthy foods.   I was surprised to see that you have included Guarana – a few years ago a Nutrient Supplement group I was a part of used Guarana in one of their products.   It definitely gives you a boost.   Where could I find Guarana and in what form do you think that I ought to take?

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Hello Steve,

      Thank you so much for your comments and I am so pleased you are finding this list useful. Energy boosting foods will keep us feeling good and healthy throughout the day.

      Guarana is best mixed in with other foods as you usually buy in powder form from good health food shops. You can put into smoothies, juices, healthy biscuits and hot drinks.

      I hope that helps. Enjoy!

  4. Sami

    Thank you for your well-written article about the importance of a balanced diet for energy. We know this but often life and being too busy get in the way and we eat whatever is handy, not what our body needs.  Opening a bag of chips and popping a soda can tab just won’t do what we need to be done.   Then, I’ll say I don’t know why I don’t regain the energy to be ready for another day.  

    It is easy to overlook the balance required and get my eating habits bogged down with not so healthy foods.  Diets that balance out the calories and nutrition is important for me to have a healthy life.   Healthy food articles are so important to help us stay on track, you know that positive reinforcement.  I agree that we can’t expect our bodies to absorb and use the good stuff when we don’t give ourselves what we need like water.  Such a simple thing, but often overlooked.

    Thanks for the reminders of why I don’t have the energy I think I should.  Sami

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Thank you for your comments Sami,

      I am so pleased that this is a reminder of good foods for you to eat which is what I wanted it to do. Our bodies are a representation of how we look after them. Healthy body, healthy mind only happens with a good mix of the right food to have a good balance of various nutrients and vitamins to help us function better.

      Yes, indeed water is very often overlooked and definitely the most important of all.

      Pleased you enjoyed reading this article.

  5. Melissa Jiggetts

    I love reading lists about foods and the way they provide different health benefits and I have to say I did not know that eggs could provide energy. I was aware of the protein but didn’t realize they were rich in vitamin B. I am going to add most of these foods to my grocery list. I am so excited. Thank you for this list!

    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Thank you Melissa,

      I am so pleased that you are going to use my list of Energy foods and that I was able to give you more information than you knew already.

      I really appreciate you leaving me a comment.

      Thank you so much

  6. Mathew

    I think that this can help you with the right foods to wear if you are eating the wrong ones. The wrong food will end in bad results all the time and can turn to habits. We form new habits every day why not start the healthy habit of eating right. Wow there is so much to this and so much more.
    If if you eat red meat it gives you energy we did to no that we have to eat our food cooked all the time to bloody.
    But really good observation on the water no too much sips throughout the whole day.


    1. Imelda Easthorpe

      Thank you Matthew,

      I really appreciate your insight to how you found my article on energy boosting foods. Ultimately we want a good balance of food including water which is so important for our overall wellness.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment it is greatly appreciated.

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